Personal Information
Zeeshan Ahmed

Department of Agronomy, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Samundri, Punjab, Pakistan

Zeeshan Ahmed
From 09/2010 to 01/2016, Doctorate , Pakistan
Work Experiences
From 02/2017 to 02/2018, Assistant Professor , The Islamia University of Bahawalpur Pakistan
From 11/2014 to 05/2015, Visiting Research Scholar , USDA-ARS Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, Mandan, ND, USA
From 02/2011 to 06/2012, Research Associate , University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Crop Stress Physiology
Crop production
Nutrient Management
Irrigation Management
Journal Articles
Impact of drought on assimilates partitioning associated fruiting physiognomies and yield quality attributes of desert grown cotton.2018. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum. 40:711. Muhammad Shareef, Dong wei Gui, Fanjiang Zeng, Zeeshan Ahmed, Bo Zhang, Hassan Iqbal Muhammad Fiaz
Morpho-physiological and biochemical responses of camelina (camelina sativa crantz L.) genotypes under drought stress. 2017. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology. 19 (1): 1-7. 2. Z. Ahmed, E.A. Waraich, R. Ahmed and M. Shahbaz.
Modulation in growth, development and yield of camelina sativa by nitrogen application under water stress conditions.2017. Journal of Plant Nutrition. 40 (5):726-735. 3. E.A. Waraich, Z. Ahmed, R. Ahmed, Saifullah M. Shahbaz and Eshanullah
Modulating the phenology and yield of Camelina sativa varying sowing dates under water deficit stress conditions. 2017. Soil and Environment. 36(1):84-92. E.A. Waraich, Z. Ahmed, R. Ahmed and R.N. Shabbir
Supplemental exogenous NPK application alters biochemical processes to improve yield and drought tolerance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). 2016. Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 23(3):2651-2662. 5. Shabbir, R.N., E.A. Waraich, H. Ali, F.Nawaz, M.Y.Ashraf, R. Ahmad, M.I. Awan,S. Ahmad, M. Irfan, S. Hussain and Z. Ahmed
Genotypic variations in wheat for phenology and accumulative heat unit under different sowing times.2015. Journal of Environment and Agricultural Sciences. 2(8):1-8. Sattar, A., M.M. Iqbal, Z. Ahmed, M. Irfan, R.N. Shabbir, G. Aisha and S. Hussain.
Camelina sativa, a climate proof crop, has high nutritive value and multiple-uses: a review. 2013. Australian Journal of Crop Science 7(10):1551-1559.8. Waraich, E.A., Z. Ahmed, R. Ahmad, M. Y. Ashraf, Saifullah, M. S. Naeem and Z. Rengel.
Comparative studies on the growth, forage yield and quality of sorgum (Sorghum Bicolor L.) varieties under irrigated conditions of Faisalabad. 2010. Pakistan Journal of Life and Social Sciences. 8(2): 94-97. 9. Ayub, M., M.A. Nadeem, M. Tahir, A. Ghafoor and Z. Ahmed.
Conference Papers
Physiological and biochemical attributes of Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz under water stress conditions. Proceedings of 17th Australian Agronomy Conference. 20-24 September, 2015. West Point Convention center, Hobart, Tasmania. 6. Waraich, E.A., Z. Ahmed, R. Ahmed and M. Shahbaz.
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