Personal Information
Yuan Wei

Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Weinan Normal University, Weinan, shannxi, China

Yuan Wei
From 09/1993 to 07/1997, Bachelor's degree , China
From 9/2004 to 6/2007, Master's degree , China
Work Experiences
From 09/1997 to 12/2002, Lecturer , Weinan Normal University
From 12/2002 to 12/2007, Associate Professor , Weinan Normal University
From 12/2007 to 12/2014, Professor , Weinan Normal University
From 01/2003 to 12/2004, Study and Application of Intelligent Image Processing Technology , to build infrared imaging simulation platform to simulate and evaluate performance of infrared detector
From 01/2003 to 12/2004, Simulation on the Interference of Laser in Infrared Imaging , the imaging results of the system after laser irradiation are simulated through simulation software, which shows the influence of laser interferenceon infrared imaging quality.
'Weapon Simulation-Design on Indoor-in-Loop Simulation System for Terminal',ISBN:978-5170-0496-7,Yuanwei
Journal Articles
'Design on Indoor Hardware-in-loop Simulation System for Terminal Sensitivity Projectile', Acta Photonica Sinica,China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House,ISSN:1004-4213,Volume 43,No.5,2014, Page No.0504001-1-0504001-6. Author: Yuanwei
'Design of Multi-Sensor Image Fusion System',LASERNAL,China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House,ISSN:0253-2743,Volume 35,No.10,2014, Page No.40-42. Author: Yuanwei
'The Study for Hardware-in-Loop Simulation Testing Technology of Photoelectric Equipment In the Complex Photoelectric Environment',LASERNAL,China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House,ISSN:0253-2743,Volume 35,No.9,2014, Page No.33-36. Author: Yuanwei
'The study of eccentric bunghole self-positioning system based on computer vision technology',COMPUTER MODELLING & NEW TECHNOLOGIES, Volume 18,No.9,2014, Page No.103-108. Author: Yuanwei
'Study on Performance Computing and Simulationof Infrared Imaging System under Light Interference',Infrared Technology,China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House,ISSN:1001-8891,Volume 37,No.2,2014, Page No.110-113. Author: Yuanwei
'Study on Detection adn Positioning of Rdgional Logistics Movement Based on Duo-frequency RFID Technology',Logistics Technology,China Academic Journal Electronic Publishing House,ISSN:1005-152X,Volume 33,No.8,2014, Page No.426-429. Author: Yuanwei
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