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Xu Ri

China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Huizhou Petrochemical Co. LTD, Huizhou, Guangdong, China

Xu Ri
From 09/1984 to 7/1988, Bachelor's degree , China
Work Experiences
From 12/2001 to Up to now, Petroleum refining and advanced engineering , sinopec/china
From 25/6/2018 to Up to now, Invited by the editorial department of American journal of applied chemistry , cnooc/china
From 20/6/2018 to 30/11/2018, To write a chapter for Processing of Heavy Crude oil-challenges and Opportunities, invited by the UK's IntechOpen. On November 30, the manuscript was completed "the composition and operation of > of the combined catalytic cracking unit and the largest catalytic cracking unit in China, expressing that catalytic cracking is an irreplaceable core unit in future oil refining , cnooc/china
From 4/2017 to Up to now, 10 million tons of atmospheric pressure, 2 million tons of light hydrocarbon recovery, 4.8 million tons of heavy oil catalytic cracking, 700,000 tons of gas fractionation, 1.24 million tons/year double stripping, 100,000 tons of MTBE . Refining expert and senior FCC engineer , cnooc/china
From 4/2014 to 4/2017, Cnooc huizhou petrochemical company construction phase ii project. , cnooc/china
From 8/2016 to Up to now, He was hired as an expert in refining and chemicals in the Shanghai office of a British consulting company. , cnooc/china
From 4/2014 to Up to now, Hired: Shanghai gaosheng international consulting company refining experts , cnooc/china
From 4/2011 to 4/2014, It plans to invest 100 billion yuan in the construction of 20 ~30 million tons of refining and chemical integration and 2 million tons of ethylene and 10 million square meters of national crude oil reserves. As an expert in refining and chemicals , cnooc/china
From 6/2010 to Up to now, He was hired as an alchemy expert in cnooc's alchemy and sales division. , cnooc/china
From 4/2010 to 4/2011, Cnooc zhongjie petrochemical co., LTD. (in charge of production and technology). Assistant to the general manager , cnooc/china
From 4/2008 to 4/2010, Cnooc huizhou petrochemical company phase I project construction. Master site construction safety , cnooc/china
From 12/2005 to 4/2008, Xianglu tenglong (xiamen) group tenglong aromatic hydrocarbon project department. High commissioner , Tenglong aromatics (xiamen)/china
From 11/2003 to 12/2005, Shandong qingyun county petrochemical co. LTD. Deputy general manager and chief engineer , In shandong province/china
From 9/2001 to 11/2003, Oil refining division, cangzhou petrochemical company, sinopec. As a manager , sinopec/china
From 12/2001 to Up to now, Petroleum refining and advanced engineering , sinopec/china
From 7/1988 to 9/2001, Catalytic cracking workshop of cangzhou petrochemical company, sinopec. Operator, engineer, assistant manager. , sinopec/china
From 5/1996 to 11/1997, Research and development of catalytic cracking technology for diesel oil production , Increase diesel yield of catalytic cracking unit, To meet China's diesel market shortage status
From 9/1999 to 6/2000, Development and industrial application of catalytic cracking sulfur transfer agent , Improve SO2 content in FCC flue gas For environmental protection .
From 3/2001 to 9/2001, New process of low quality gasoline. , To increase gasoline octane and reduce olefin.
From 2/2001 to 12/2001, Development and industrial application of high heat flux heat exchanger , In order to verify the application of domestic high heat flux heat exchanger in industry
From 4/2002 to 11/2002, Development and industrial application of fluidized catalytic cracking diesel fertilizer , In order to test the industrial application of fluidized catalytic cracking (FCC) equipment with high yield diesel auxiliaries.
From 8/2010 to 6/2012, Cold regenerative catalyst recycling catalytic cracking technology (crc-fcc) in cnooc zhongjie petrochemical co. LTD , It is the patent technology of sinopec LPEC, Lower the temperature of the regenerated catalyst into the reactor to increase the ratio of the catalyst to the feed oil.
From 6/2010 to 4/2011, Modification of treatment technology of cnooc zhongjie petrochemical wastewater plant. , Improve discharges of sewage and make COD of sewage discharge up to standard.
From 5/2010 to 11/2010, Cnooc zhongjie petrochemical co., LTD. : through optimization of relevant equipment technology and reasonable balance of fuel, completely eliminate the torch. , Personally investigate, balance fuel of refinery, eliminate torch, save gas emission loss of 40 to 50 million RMB per year.
From 6/2010 to 11/2011, Cnooc zhongjie petrochemical co., LTD. : the technical transformation of third-level cyclone completely changes the accident hidden danger of frequent excessive vibration parking over the years , RFCCU flue gas turbine impeller serious, every 3 months will cause excessive gas turbine vibration, interlock shut down. It's a very big accident. After replacing the three-stage cyclone, the fault of excessive vibration interlock of the gas turbine is solved.
Chemical engineering and technology
Journal Articles
Published in Issn1005-2399 / cn11-3300 /TQ in 1998 issue 3 The author:A total of eight
in 1988 Published in sinopec/china professional journal Author: XuRi