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Chunfeng Xie

Research Center for Moral Education, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences, Beijing, China

Chunfeng Xie
From 09/2005 to 06/2011, Doctorate, Institute of Education, Beijing Normal University , China
From 09/1985 to 07/1989, Bachelor's Degree. Institute of Education, Beijing Normal University , China
From 09/2001 to 12/2001, Visiting teacher and researcher , Niagara Catholic District School Board, Ontario,Canada
From 07/2011 to 08/2011, Learner , Oxford Uniersity,UK
From 09/2014 to 09/2015, Visiting Academic , IOE,UCL,UK
Work Experiences
From 07/2006 to 05/2018, Director , Research Center for Moral Education, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences,China
From 12/2009 to 05/2018, Research Fellow(Professor) , Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences,China
From 06/2014 to 05/2018, Deputy Director , Asia-Pacific Institute of Education for Sustainable Development,UNESCO
From 09/2016 to 05/2018, President , Beijing Health and Culture Association, China
From 01/2017 to 05/2018, Member , Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education.USA
From 06/2008 to 05/2018, Virtues In Us , To promote the children's virtues in primary schools with the help of teachers,parents and experts,the project is lasting positively.
From 11/2010 to 05/2018, Moral empowerment and youth development , Based on the cooperation with Dr. Sona,IOE,UK,the experiment helped the students and children feel noble and happy
From 09/2012 to 05/2018, New energy education and the sustainable development , With the strong help of governemt and World Bank,the project helped schools establish some new classrooms as to promote the ESD effectively.
From 09/2014 to 12/2015, Positive quality of children between UK and China , With the good help of Professor Alex Moore,IOE,UK,this project investigated the children's quality between UK and China.The outcomes are very interesting and thoughtful.
From 09/2013 to 09/2017, Happiness education experiment , With the cooperation with Dr. Paul Desan,Yale University and Dr. Mark Setton,Oxford University,the happiness education experiment enhances the students' sense of wellbeing.
Moral Education
Teacher Education
Learning Strategy and Skills
"The Daybreak of Sunset Empire---the educational values,moralities and policy in UK",Golden Light Academic Publishing,Germany, ISBN/978-3-639-82045-4,Author:Xie Chunfeng,2015
Educational Policy Making's Moral Dilemma--The theory and practice of the Chinese migrant children education ethical questions,Golden Light Academic Publishing,Germany, ISBN/978-3-639-81896-3,Author:Xie Chunfeng,2015
The honorable invitation of teachers' Moral Philosophy -- inner consciousness and external charm of good teachers, good headmasters and educationists,ISBN:9787516626078. Publishing House: Xinhua Publishing House,China.Time of publication: June 2016.Author: Xie Chunfeng
The effect of moral education field: the fluctuation of love -- the mission and role of teachers in the implementation of the code of primary and secondary school students,Publishing House: Xinhua Publishing House,China. ISBN:9787516624326. Time of publication: May 2016. Author: Xie Chunfeng
Injecting moral genes into educational decisions -- the ethical dilemma and outlet of China's education policy under the perspective of floating children. Publishing House: Science and Technology Publishing in Beijing. ISBN: 9787530463376. Time of publication: December 2012. Author: Xie Chunfeng
Pursuit of teachers' happiness: guidance for teachers' physical and mental health. Xinhua Publishing House. ISBN:9787516626061. June 2016. Author: Xie Chunfeng and Mu Juanli
The source of problems and the best way -- A Handbook of professional research for teachers in primary and secondary schools in China. Beijing science and Technology Press. ISBN:9787530486542. May 2017. Xie Chunfeng
The study and intervention of children's learning differentiation. Beijing press. ISBN:9787200077537. May 2009. Xie Chunfeng
Journal Articles
British Updated Characteristics of School Inspection Target, Conducting Code, Criteria and the Policy Recommendations in China,Chongqing Higher Education Research,ISSN:1671-7538, 2016 , 4 (2) :108-114 ,Xie Chunfeng
The perspective of Chinese education and policy implications of University of Oxford: a case study of University of Oxford's "China policy makers' leadership development and public policy project",Chongqing Higher Education Research,ISSN:1671-7538, 2013 (05) :84-91 ,Xie Chunfeng
Characteristics and Inspiration of "effective preschool primary and secondary education project" in Great Britain,Studies in Early Childhood Education ,ISSN:1007-8169,2016(07):22-30,Xie Chunfeng
A comparative study on learning characteristics of grade three students among China, Canada and the United States,Comparative Education Review, ISSN:1003-7667,2006(05):33-37,Xie Chunfeng
Actively improving education policies guided by sustainable development: analysis and suggestions based on WWF report,Fudan Education Forum ,ISSN:1672-0059,2013(04):53-57,Xie Chunfeng
The characteristics and Enlightenment of the curriculum of value education for teachers in primary and secondary schools in Britain -- a case analysis of the course of "education, value and society" by Professor Hugh Starkey of University College London,Educational Science Research, ISSN:1009-718X,2016(06):66-72.Xie Chunfeng
Sustainable development education in Britain: a Chinese scholar's observation,Moral Education China,ISSN:1673-3010,2016(01):10-14.Xie Chunfeng
Experience and Enlightenment of international legislation on social resources services for children and adolescents,Journal of the Chinese Society of Education , ISSN:1002-4808.2017(10):09-12.Xie Chunfeng
The "great social classroom" of the primary and middle school students in Germany and France,Beijing Education,ISSN: 1000-7997.2010(04)66-67.Xie Chunfeng
New trends of education policies in the United States, Britain and Singapore.Beijing Education,ISSN:1000-7997.2013(06)16-18.Xie Chunfeng
Britain: early education for children's high income investment.The Chinese education newspaper, National unified Journal: CN 11-0035, 2014-11-12. Http:// Xie Chun Feng
Pay attention to the moral dimension of China's educational development -- Based on the ethical analysis of the educational administration decision in China. Educational Science Research, ISSN:1009-718X.2014(10): 16-24.Xie Chunfeng
What is the concept of happy moral education: Based on the interpretation and thinking of foreign literature. Moral education in China. ISSN:1673-3010.2011(05):65-68. Xie Chunfeng
To get rid of the shackles of "exam oriented education" curse to the healthy development of basic education in our country as soon as possible -- how to answer "Joseph Needham's Riddle" and "Tsien Hsueshen's question". Forums forward. ISSN:1007-6050.2013(03):30-31. Xie Chunfeng
Ethical dilemma and outlet of educational administration decision in China -- Based on the ethical analysis of migrant children's education policy. Http:// Beijing Normal University. Http:// Doctoral thesis. 2011-05-01. Xie Chunfeng
Ethical analysis of the evolution of education policy for migrant children in China. ISSN:1009-718X. Publication source: Educational Science Research, 2012 (05): 14-19. Xie Chun Feng.
Conference Papers
The complex challenge and the citizenship cultivation,Xie Chunfeng.04-05,11,2010. London,IOE and Beijing Normal University
How to help the children keep their eyes bright and wisdom?,Xie Chunfeng. 25,11,2017. Beijing,China.The Chinese ESD committee of UNESCO
The Ethical Turn of Senior Middle School's development -- how to effectively solve the mystery of Joseph Needham and Tsien Hsueshen. Xie Chunfeng. 14, 11,2015.Beijing,China. The first high school student development forum. Beijing Normal University
Honors and Awards
The Winner Prize of Outstanding Academic Achievements from International Positive Psychology,at the Beijing 1st Positive Educational International Forum.On April 23-25,2010
The First Prize Winner of Social Educational Research Outcomes held at Beijing Government,China,On May 06-10,2018.
Invited Talks
Xie Chunfeng,topic is the sense of wellbeing and learning, Happiness Education Forum, Nov. 07,2010,Cambridge University,UK
Xie Chunfeng,topic is the promotion of ESD between China and USA,KDP ESD meeting,Sept. 23-26,2017,KDP,USA
Xie Chunfeng,Liu Chengen and Fan Taiping,topic is to promote the TCM to bennifit the world.International cultural meeting.April 03-05,2012.Cambridge University,UK
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