Personal Information
Vicente Neto

Department of Chemistry, Feclesc, State University of Ceará, Quixadá, Ceará, Brazil

Vicente Neto
From 09/2008 to 10/2012, Doctorate (Environmental Sanitation Engineering) , Brazil
From 08/1999 to 08/2001, Master Science - Inorganic Chemistry , Brazil
From 02/1995 to 04/1999, Bachelor in Chemistry , Brazil
From 02/1990 to 02/1994, Chemistry Technical , Brazil
From 02/2003 to 02/2005, Degree in Chemistry , Brazil
Work Experiences
From 09/2005 to Present day, Associate Professor/Vice Principal , State University/Center for Education, Science and Technology
From 08/2003 to 05/2005, Chemist , Water and Wastewater Service Company of Ceará
Inorganic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Materials Sciente
Environmental Science
MODIFICATIONS OF LIGNOCELLULOSE FIBERS AND ITS APPLICATION IN ADSORPTION OF HEAVY METALS FROM AQUEOUS SOLUTION. In: Vijay Kumar Thakur., Amar Singh Singha. (Org.). Surface Modification of Biopolymers. 1ed.Hoboken, ,New Jersey - USA: John Wiley & Sons,ISBN: 978-1-118-66955-6 2014, p. 1-50. Authors: SOUSA NETO, V. O. ; MELO, D. Q. ; BARROS, F. C. F. ; ARAUJO-SILVA, M. A. ; FREIRE. P. T. C ; Nascimento, R.F .
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Journal Articles
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Invited Talks
Oral presentation on the title " Adsorption study of Cu (II), and Zn (II) by cocnut shell modified: Equilibrium and kinetic studies’’ At the 8th Brazilian Meet on Adsorption, Foz de Iguaçu-PR-Brazil, 19-22 September 2010
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