Personal Information
Milena Viassone

Department of Management, University of Turin, Turin, Italy

Milena Viassone
From 1999 to 2004, Degree in Economics , Italy
From 2008 to 2009, Post-doc scholarship in Business Management at the Faculty of Economics, University of Turin , Italy
From 2005 to 2008, Ph.D. in Business Management-University of Cassino , Italy
From October 2006 to April 2007, ESCP Europe Ph.D., Paris , France
Work Experiences
From 15/12/2008 to Now, Researcher of Business Manangement , University of Turin
From 2014 to Now, Member of the EuroMed Research Interest Committees on Agribusiness , -
From 2010 to now, Member of GSA (Gruppo di Studio e Attenzione) AIDEA on "Management for the sustainability of tourist development and the competitiveness of destinations , -
From 2007 to now, Member of International ESCP Europe Group of Research on “Développement International de l'entreprise”. , -
From 2008 to now, Member of the Group of Research on Tourism of EuroMed. , -
Attractiveness/Competitiveness of tourist destinations
Territorial attractiveness/competitiveness
Management of firms of services
Performance Measurement
Innovation technologies in the retail sector
Tardivo G., Damilano M., Viassone M. (2013), La gestione dei mercati finanziari internazionali, Franco Angeli, Milano
Tardivo G., Deandreis M., Ferri M.A., Viassone M. (2012). Il turismo montano come vantaggio competitivo territoriale. Turin:Giappichelli, ISBN: 9788834829066.
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M.Viassone (2008). La gestione del vantaggio competitivo territoriale in un contesto di apertura internazionale. p. V-265, Turin: Giappichelli, ISBN: 9788834884553
Journal Articles
Pantano E., Viassone M. Demand pull and technology push perspective in technology-based innovations for the points of sale: The retailers evaluation, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, available also online:
Passeri R., Mazzi C., Viassone M. (2013), Il Circolo Virtuoso tra Regional Brand e Attrattivita’ Regionale: Prime Evidenze dalle Regioni Italiane, Piccola Impresa-Small Business.
Tardivo G., Lipinska K., Viassone M. (2012). Managing cultural diversity in international business: the case of an Italian consulting company for Computer Science on the Polish market. International Journal Of Science, Innovation & New Technology, vol. 1(3), p. 45-52, ISSN: 2223-2257.
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M. Viassone (2009). The regional competitive index as a tool to improve regional forecasting: theory and evidence from two western European regions. Oxford Journal, vol. 8(1), p. 49-64, ISSN: 1551-4498
Conference Papers
Tardivo, G., Scilla, A., Viassone, M., A benchmarking model for sustainable tourist destinations, in ‹‹Proceedings of Business Systems Laboratory - 2nd International Symposium “Systems Thinking for a Sustainable Economy. Advancements in Economic and Managerial Theory and Practice”, January 23-24, 2014, Universitas Mercatorum, Rome
Vrontis D., Viassone M. (2013), When wine meets territory, Paper discussed at the EuroMed Conference 2013, Estoril, 23rd -24th September
Tardivo, G., Scilla, A., Viassone, M. “Codice QR”: una risposta innovativa per la comunicazione e la soddisfazione del cliente, Referred Electronic Conference Proceeding, XXV Annual Sinergie Conference , Ancona, 24th-25th October.
Lemaire J.P., Viassone M. The Paradoxes of Cuneo’s tourist competitiveness, ATLAS Conference, Montréal, 8-9 July
Viassone M. (2012). The role of the evaluation of tourist attractions by young people as a tool to develop provincial public strategies: the case of Cuneo's mountains. In: -. XIII Workshop Organizzazione Aziendale "Desperately seeking performance in organizations". p. 1-12, VERONA: University of Verona, ISBN: 9788861298712, Verona, 28th-29th May 2012.
Casalegno C., Viassone M. (2012). The measure of a destination image: the case of Turin. In: -. Proceedings of the 1st Enlightening Tourism Conference 2012. Naples, 13th-14th September 2012, p. 209-229, Naples: Enzo Albano Editore, ISBN: 9788889677889.
Passeri R., Mazzi C., Viassone M. (2012). Analisi e modelli per la misura della relazione tra attrattività regionale e regional brand: il caso italiano. In: -. Referred Electronic Conference Proceedings XXIV Sinergie Annual Conference "Il territorio come giacimento di vitalità per l'impresa". vol. -, p. 207-220, Verona:Sinergie/Cueim, ISBN: 9788890739408, University of Salento, Lecce, 18th-19th October 2012
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Tardivo Giuseppe, Viassone Milena (2010). The identification of a performance indicator for the construction sector: the case of the province of Cuneo. In: -. Proceedings 2010 Oxford Business Economics & Conference. Oxford, 28th-29th June 2010, p. 1-26, Oxford:Oxford University.
Viassone M. (2010). How does the brick face the global financial crisis?. In: -. EBES ( Eurasia Business Economics Society) 2010 Conference Program & Abstract Book. p. 166, Istanbul: EBES Publication, Sazak Ofset, ISBN: 9786056106903, Istanbul, 26th-28th May 2010
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Tardivo G., Viassone M. (2009). A local competitive index to face global challenges: the case of Italian Provinces. In: -. Proceedings of the ASECU 5th International Conference "Market Functionality and Institutional Reforms". vol. -, -:-, ISBN: 9789995634506, Tirana, 21st-22nd May 2009.
Viassone M. (2009). What makes Piedmont catching up?. In: -. Managerial and Entrepreneurial Developments in the Mediterranean Area. 2nd Annual EuroMed Conference of the EuroMed Academy of Business. Conference Readings Book Proceedings. p. 1825-1837, Cipro:EuroMed Press, ISBN: 9789963634767, Salerno, 26th-28th October 2009
Honors and Awards
(2010) Highly Commended Award Paper (co-authors: Bradley F., Tardivo G., Viassone M.) "Misurazione del livello di internazionalizzazione delle Regioni italiane", XXI Annual Sinergie Conference, University of Salerno, Salerno, 7th-8th October.
(2008) Winner of the IX edition of the annual award “Luciana Falotico”, assigned by the Italian Chambre of Commerce at Nice, Sophia Antipolis for the best Ph.D. thesis, with the publication of the Ph.D. thesis.
(2003/2004) Winner of the “Optime” award-assigned by the Industrial Union of Turin
Invited Talks
Speech on “Il turismo eno-gastronomico a sostegno del vantaggio competitivo territoriale”, Conference “Il ruolo economico trainante del turismo culturale nella regione transfrontaliera”, Cuneo, 19th March 2013
Speech on “Il venture capital a supporto delle start-up innovative”, Conference "Giovani imprenditori e start-up: il futuro delle nuove imprese", organized by RUOTALIBERA Giovani Soci BANCA D'ALBA credito cooperativo sc, Palazzo Banca d’Alba, Alba, 26th October 2012
Speech on “La gestione delle imprese di servizi: driver competitivi e misura delle performance”, Refresher Seminar for the profession of Business Consultants, Montecarlo, 21st September 2012.
Speech on “L’internazionalizzazione come strategia vincente per superare la crisi”, Refresher Seminar for the profession of Business Consultants, Montecarlo, 23rd September 2011
Speech on “Il marketing sociale e l’uso del direct marketing nel fundraising” at the Conference “Nozze d’Argento con la prevenzione”, Turin, Principe d’Acaja Room-Rector’s Office, 17th November 2009
Presentation of the research “Anziani e disabili. Analisi del sistema socio-assistenziale piemontese e prospettive di sviluppo”, CRT Foundation, 24th November 2009.
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