Personal Information
Vadim Davydov

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Vadim Davydov
1972 - 1978., Master of Medicine, Orenburg State Medival Institute, USSR
1983, Ph.D., Cheliabinsk State Medical Institute, USSR
1988, Ph.D., Rostov-on-Don State Medical Institute, USSR
Work Experiences
From 09/2014 to prezent time, professor chair Biochemistry , Ryazan state medical university, Russia
2010.01 - till up to date, Research of Aldoketoreductase Role in Decreasing Adolescent Sensitivity to Stress Injury
Mechanisms of aging and pathogenesis of age-related diseases
Mechanisms of stress injury of visceral organs and adaptation to stress
Davydov V.V., Bozhkov A.I., Kulchitskiy O.K. Physiological and pathophysiological role of endogenous lipids. Saarbrucken: Palmarium Academic Publishing, 2012, 240 p. (in Russian)
Journal Articles
Volkova Y.V., Sukhova L.L., Davydov V.V., Goloborodko A.V. Activity of the first line antioxidant defense enzymes in the liver of pubertal rats during stress - Biochemistry (Moscow) Supplement Series B: Biomedical Chemistry, 2011, Vol.5, N4:389 – 391.
Volkova Y.V., Davydov V.V. Effect of the stress on the free radical metabolites concentration in subcellular fractions of the brain pubertal rats. Ukrainskii Biochimicheskii Zhurnal. 2009, 81(2): 45 – 49.(in Russian)
Davydov V.V., Bozhkov A.I., Dabaeva N.M. Possible role of alteration of aldehyde’s scavenger enzymes during aging. Exp. Gerontology, 2004, 39 (1): 11-16.
Davydov V.V., Shvets V.N. Age-dependent differences in the stimulation of lipid peroxidation in the heart of rats during immobilization stress. Exp. Gerontology, 2003, 38 (6) : 693- 698.
Davydov V.V., Shvets V.N. Adenine nucleotide and creatine phosphate pool In adult and old rat heart during immobilization stress. Gerontology, 2002, 48 (2): P.81-83.
1978-1983, Assistant professor, Biochemistry department, Orenburg State Medical Institute, USSR
1983-1988, Assistant prosessor, Biochemistry department, Zaporozhye State Medical Institute, USSR
1989-1993, Professor, Biochemistry department, Zaporozhye State Medical University, Ukraine
1993-1995, Holder Department of Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Sumy State University, Ukraine
1995 - 2000, Holder Department of Biochemistry, Zaporozhye State Medical University, Ukraine
2000 - 2008, Holder of Laboratory of Age Endorcynology, Institute of Children and Adolescent Health care of National Academia of Medical Science, Kharkov, Ukraine
2008 - till up to date, Professor chair of Biochemistry, Kharkov National University, Ukraine
Editor, Biologitcheskii Vestnik (Journal of Kharkov National University)
1983 till up to date, Medical biochemistry for Medical Students
2002 till up to date, Principles of Biochemistry for Students of Biotechnology Department Kharkov National Technical University
2003 - 2008, Clinical Biochemistry
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