Personal Information
Snehanshu Saha

Department of Computer Science and Engineering, People's Education Society Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus, Bangalore, India

Snehanshu Saha
From 01/2005 to 12/2008, PhD , USA
From 01/2002 to 12/2003, MS , USA
Work Experiences
From 01/2002 to 08/2011, Faculty-Mathematical Sciences , Clemson University, U Texas-Arlington, U-Texas El Paso
From 09/11 to present, Professor , PESIT South-PES University
From Oct 2013 to April 2014, FlexiPrint , A networked, one stop service that monitors usage, prints statistics, manages the entire print job overhead for large organizations-fully automated
From Aug 2013 to April 2014, Job Shop Scheduling , Automated job sequence monitoring and provisioning in machine shops @ ISRO
Ocean Waves-theory and modeling
Bio-inspired computing
Computational modeling
Differential Equations-Theory and application
Differential Equations-A structured approach
Journal Articles
Interference Aware Channel Assignmnet Using Edge Coloring in Multi-Channel Multi-Radio Wireless Mesh Networks- Sarasvathi V, N.CH.S.N.Iyengar, Snehanshu Saha—International Journal of Computer Networks and Information Security, Vol 6,#1,2014
Modeling Vanilla Option prices: A simulation study by an implicit method - Snehanshu Saha, Swati Routh, Bidisha Goswami-Journal of advances in Mathematics (Vol 6, #1, Jan 2014), pp 834-848
Some Results on Global Existence of Solutions to the b-Family of Equations under Periodic Initial Conditions-Snehanshu Saha, British Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, Vol 6, 2014, pp 199-208
Resource allocation modeling in abstraction using predator-prey dynamics: A qualitative analysis- Bidisha Goswami,Snehanshu Saha,Foundations of Computer Science,USA[ Vol 61,Jan 2013]
A New Relevance Feedback Based Approach for Efficient Image Retrieval-Karthik S, Snehanshu Saha, Chaithra G-Foundations of Computer Science,USA [ Vol 61, Jan 2013]
Blow-Up Results for the Periodic Peakon b-Family of Equations "- Snehanshu Saha (Communications in Differential and Difference Equations-ISSN 0973-6301) [Vol 4, #1, 2013], pp # 1-20
Some results on the analysis of water waves"---Snehanshu Saha, IJ of Applied Physics and Mathematics ( (IJAPM, ISSN: 2010-362X) [Vol. 2 #4,2012]
"A Fast Haar Classifier based Gesture Recognition using camShift algorithm and Curve Fitting Method"- Bhavish Agarwal,Jyothi Desai,Snehanshu Saha (International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics ISSN (PRINT): 2231 –5292 ) [Vol. 1 #4, 2012]
Conference Papers
“An Efficient Use of Principal Component Analysis in Workload Characterization-A Study”-- Snehanshu Saha, Jyotirmoy Sarkar, Surbhi Agrawal-AASRI-SECS’14(ELSEVIER) (ISSN: 2212-6716) (accepted)
“Extension of Lighthills Theory of Sound generation in Non-isothermal medium” -Swati Routh, Snehanshu Saha, Intl. Conference on Frontiers in Mathematics and Application( accepted Jan, 2014)
“Baseball Hand Tracking from Monocular Video”- Kishore Venkatesan, Arvind Sekhar,Snehanshu Saha- ICACCI-IEEE’13, Mysore, India
“Extending and Improvising Service Discovery in MANET-relevant work and future proposal”-Sumana Sinha, Snehanshu Saha, ICISTA’13, China.
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