Moral Character Based Curriculum
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Education is an integral part of human life. In fact, the education process is seen as a life process itself. Full human life requires an educational process and vice versa the educational process will occur in the arena of human life.
The development of civilization in human life is nothing but the result of the educational process. Child development becomes two stages: The first stage almost entirely takes place in the family or kindergarten school which is actually a substitute for the family. The second stage takes place in elementary school. At that time the children began to learn to leave the family environment and began to enter the environment and enter the wider environment. This stage is called the second childhood stage. The relationship between education and culture is integrity that must be mutually beneficial. Then human civilization will be perfect.
Value planting in students starts from every activity both in school instruments and social interactions which are interpreted as civilizing or disciplinary forms which are part of morality. The pattern of school activities in this integration is the process of internalization and socialization. Patterns of activities that internalize the values and norms of a system are transferred to students in the system.
Aims and Scope:
  1. Education system
  2. Child development
  3. Socialization of the moral system at school and at home
  4. Cultivation of characters
  5. Moral character based curriculum
  6. Educational outcomes in the community
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