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My special issues include 5 parts. 1. Capital Liquidity. I have done the research on The impact of US monetary policy on NIEs, collecting the data from the year 1994-2015 within the 10 countries. 2.Monetary Policy. I am interested in this field especially the Quantitive Easing Policy in the Us, Japan and Europe, and I have done some researches in this field.3.International trade and finance. I love reading the literature and books in this field, and I did research on the FDI in China in my undergraduate stages.. 4. Macroeconomics and Economic Development. I am interested in this area especially Philips Curve and Solo Model. I am doing research on the The Influence of International Capital Mobility on Economic Development. 5. Economic Crisis. My Senior thesis was about the Mechanisms of Economic Crisis. Since I have a strong background in the above 5 special issues above and continue doing researches in those fields, I am happy to read any topic within those 5 fields.
Aims and Scope:
  1. Capital liquidity. Capital flows and spillovers.
  2. Monetary policy. Quantitive Easing Policy in Japan ,US, Europe.
  3. International Trade. The Mechanisms or the Influences.
  4. International Finance. The interest rate or stock market.
  5. Macroeconomics. AD-AS model, Philips Curve, etc.
  6. Economic Development. Some theory of capital flow in the long run, or the models in Economic De-velopment, such as Solo Model.
  7. Economic Crisis. The Mechanisms and Influences of Economic Crisis.
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