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Feb. 28, 2017
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Refrigeration, Energy and Environment
Lead Guest Editor:
Professor Nizar Ben Ezzine
Department of Physic and Energy, Faculty of Sciences, Carthage University, Bizerte-Tunisia, Tunisia
While human demands for energy will not decrease, the largest shifts are the increase in the renewable energy share and the decline in the traditional energy share.

Environmental compatibility of conventional refrigerants and energy demand of electrically driven vapor compression refrigerator were critically discussed. As a result, Thermally driven cooling systems offers a more sustainable and low-energy solution for refrigeration and air-conditioning applications.

This special issue is to improve the dissemination of advanced research in the area of refrigeration, energy and environment. Original research papers are solicited in any aspect of innovative refrigeration and energy systems.

Aims and Scope:

Modeling of Energy Systems
Energy Conservation & Analysis
Thermodynamics & transfer processes
Refrigeration Systems
Heat pumps, energy recovery
New and Clean Energy Technologies
Environmentally friendly air-conditioning, cooling and refrigeration techniques
Energy and Environmental Modeling
Exergy, Energy and Environmental Modeling
Renewable Energy
Application of renewable energies in HVAC & R
Energy optimization
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