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Carbon Dioxide Is Not Chief Culprit of Global Warming

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Lead Guest Editor:
Xinxing Yang
Climate Change Research Center, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beijing, China
Guest Editors
Gengchen Wang
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China
Lixin Ren
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China
Hongzhou Li
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China
Ning Duan
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
Beijing, China
Buda Su
Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences
Beijing, China
So far, climate on the Earth,from beginning to end,has been changing with making cycle and without stopping,about which the specialists seemly have no objection。However, about the causes of climate change they indeed have divergence, and as for whether carbon dioxide is main cause of the global climate warming or not, their divergence is more large.
Some specialists considered that human activities were main causes of modern climate change, and emission of greenhouse gases led to climate warming, among which carbon dioxide was chief culprit of global warming. If not to control emission of carbon dioxide, then the climate on the Earth would be more and more warming, and which would bring ecological cataclysm to the mankind living.
However, the other specialists considered that alternation of both cold and warmth, and fluctuation of air temperature were the most basic features of climate change on the earth. The influence of natural factors was main causes resulted in climate change, and influence of human activities on climate change was very tiny.Emission of greenhouse gases was not main cause resulted in climate warming, and also carbon dioxide produced by human activities was not chief culprit of global climate warming.Decrease of emission of carbon dioxide could not stop global warming, and also could not prevented happening of climate cataclysm. On the grand scale decrease of carbon dioxide would work to no avail, and exhaust the people power and drain the treasury, and which would impact on normal development of national economy.

Aims and Scope:

  1. Global
  2. Climate
  3. Warming
  4. Carbon dioxide
  5. Greenhouse gas
  6. Human activity
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