Personal Information
Şirin Korulu Koç

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Istanbul Arel University, Istanbul, Buyukcekmece, Turkey

Şirin Korulu Koç
From 09/2006 to 12/2012, Doctorate , Turkey
From 09/2003 to 06/2006, Master of Science , Turkey
Work Experiences
From 12/2005 to 08/2013, Research Assistant , Istanbul Technical University
From 09/2013 , Assistant Professor , Istanbul Arel University
From 2008 to 2011, Targeting of Neuronal Mitotic Reactivation into Regeneration , Funded by TUBITAK
From 2008 to 2009, Regulation of activation of mitotic markers in neurons , Funded by TUBA-L'OREAL
From 2005 to 2010, Reorganization of neuronal cytoskeletal microtubules by Katanin and Spastin , Funded by TUBITAK
From 12/2004 to 04/2005, Regulation Mechanisms of Microtubule Severing Protein Spastin , As a visiting scholar at Drexel University College of Medicine, Neurobiology and Anatomy Department, PA, USA
From 01/2004 to 04/2004, Configuration and behaviors of the microtubules within the specific regions of the neuron upon over-expression of katanin , As a visiting scholar at Drexel University College of Medicine, Neurobiology and Anatomy Department, PA, USA
From 09/2013 to 09/2014, p60-katanin (KATNA1) gene regulatory regions identification and p53 transcription factor analysis on its regulation , Funded by TUBITAK
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Molecular Genetics
Immunocytochemistry of Cytoskeleton Proteins. Applications of Immunocytochemistry, Intech, ISBN:978-953-51-0229-8, Karabay, A., Korulu, Ş., Yıldız-Ünal, A.
Journal Articles
Selcuk E, Kırımtay K, Canbaz D, Cesur GI, Korulu S, Karabay A. (2013) Katanin-p80 gene promoter characterization and regulation via Elk1. PloS One, 8(7):e69423.
Korulu S, Yildiz-Unal A, Yuksel M, Karabay A. (2013) Protein kinase C activation causes neurite retraction via cyclinD1 and p60-katanin increase in rat hippocampal neurons. European Journal of Neuroscience, 37(10):1610-1619.
Yildiz-Unal A, Korulu S, Karabay A. (2012) SpeedyRINGO Inhibits Calpain-Directed Apoptosis in Neurons. Journal of Alzheimers Disease, 31(4):779-791. *
Negis Y, Unal AY, Korulu S, Karabay A. (2011) Cell cycle markers have different expression and localization patterns in neuron-like PC12 cells and primary hippocampal neurons. Neurosci Lett. 1;496(2):135-40.
Korulu S, Karabay A. (2011) IGF-1 Participates Differently in Regulation of Severing Activity of Katanin and Spastin. Cell Mol Neurobiol. 31(4):497-501.
Demir O, Korulu S, Yildiz A, Karabay A, Kurnaz IA. (2009) Elk-1 interacts with neuronal microtubules and relocalizes to the nucleus upon phosphorylation. Mol Cell Neurosci. 40(1):111-119.
Yu W, Qiang L, Solowska JM, Karabay A, Korulu S, Baas PW. (2008) The Microtubule-severing Proteins Spastin and Katanin Participate Differently in the Formation of Axonal Branches. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 19(4):1485-1498.
Conference Papers
p53: Transcription Factor - Regulatory Partner for p60-katanin (Poster) Korulu S, Kırımtay K, Kaya M, Sağdıç C, Karabay A. 2nd International Congress of the Molecular Biology Association of Turkey 22 – 23 November 2013, İstanbul, Turkey.
Cell Cycle Markers Show Different Expression And Localization Patterns In Neuron-Like PC12 Cells And Primary Hippocampal Neurons (Poster). Negis Y, Yildiz A, Korulu S, Karabay A. IV. International Congress of Molecular Medicine 27-30 June 2011, Istanbul, Turkey.
From Neurodegeneration to Regeration (Poster), Korulu S, Yildiz A, Atabay KD, Karabay A. The EMBO (European Molecular Biology Organization) Meeting 2010 4-7 September 2010, Barcelona, Spain.
Understanding the Role of PKC in Neurons and Neurodegeneration (Poster) Korulu S, Karabay A. International Neuropsychological Society 2010 Mid-Year Meeting 2010 30 June-3 July 2010 Cracow, Poland.
Spastin is more Specialized than P60-katanin to Participate in the Formation of Axonal Branches (Poster) Qiang L, Yu W, Solowska J, Karabay A, Korulu S, Baas PW. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 2294:B647 (December 2007)47th Annual Meeting of The American Society for Cell Biology, 1-5 December 2007 Washington DC – USA.
Microtubule Severing Protein, Spastin is Regulated by Microtubule-Associated Proteins (Poster) Korulu S, Baas PW, Karabay A. FEBS Journal 273(1),240:PP-607, June 2006, #1458, 31st FEBS Congress, Molecules in Health and Disease 24-29 June 2006 Istanbul-Turkey.
Microtubule-associated Proteins Regulate the Severing of Microtubules by Katanin and Spastin (Poster) Qiang L, Yu W, Andreadis A, Luo M, Karabay A, Korulu S, Baas PW. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 16, 675a: 2496 (December 2005) 45th Annual Meeting of The American Society for Cell Biology 10-14 December 2005 San Fransico, CA-USA.
Sub-cloning of specific region of p60-katanin for antibody production (Poster) Stonkute A, Korulu S, Baas PW, Karabay A. Abstracts Book p94: 40 Abstrakt 40, 4th World Congress of Cellular and Molecular Biology October 7 -12, 2005 Poitiers-France.
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