Personal Information
Shahanawaz Syed

Department of Physical Therapy, University of Hail, Hail, Saudi Arabia

Shahanawaz Syed
From 1/2013 to Till Date, PhD Scholar , INDIA
Work Experiences
From 08/2014 to Till Date, Assistant Professor and PhD Scholar , Dr.D.Y.Patil Vidyapeeth
From 03/2012 to 08/2014, Assistant Professor and PhD Scholar , RK University Rajkot ,Gujarat.
From 01/2008 to 02/2012, Assistant Professor , SIMS College of Physiotherapy
From 3/2012 to 6/2012, Curriculum Development (DPT Course) , MOU with Texila American University to develop the Curriculum for the course of DPT .Critchlow, Woolford Avenue, Georgetown, Guyana, South America. Telephone: (+592) 2318118, Fax: (+592) 2318111. Website:
Physiotherapy Management For Bells Palsy , ,LAMBERT Academic Publishing , Germany , Isbn: 978-3-659-25894-7, 2014 SHAHANAWAZ SD .
Exercises For Dizziness and Vertigo , LAMBERT Academic Publishing , Germany , Isbn: 978-3-659-26340-8,2014 SHAHANAWAZ SD ,
Role of Taping in Tibial Shin Syndrome , ,LAMBERT Academic Publishing Germany , Isbn: 978-3-659-50389-4 ,2014. SHAHANAWAZ SD
Journal Articles
Weight bearing exercises shows improvement in callus formation 40 year old male with tibial fracture by using the Ilizarov external fixation International Journal of Clinical and Medical Imaging ,ISSN:IJCMI ,Volume 1 ,Issue 3 ,January 2014. SHAHANAWAZ SD
Physiotherapy Intervention in Vestibular Migraine:An Experimental Study International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharma Research ,ISSN: 2322-0910 volume 2 ,issue 3 May –June 2014 ,Page no :81-85 . SHAHANAWAZ SD,Parikh Henali.
Effect of High TENS on Neuropathic Pain in Diabetic Neuropathy Patients International Journal of Physiotherapy and Research Volume 2 ,Issue 4 ISSN :2321:1822 SHAHANAWAZ SD
To evaluate physiotherapy exercises on dizziness and vertigo patients: A Systemic Review . SHAHANAWAZ SD ,Priyanshu.V.Rathod ,Asia Pacific Journal of Health Science 2015;2(2):38-40 , e-ISSN: 2349-0659, p-ISSN: 2350-0964
Effect of exercises in the management of dizziness :A Pilot study .SHAHANAWAZ SD , Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and occupational therapy , 240-244 ,Volume 9 ,Issue 4 , 2015(oct-dec);ISSN-P-0973-5666 ,ISSN-E-0973-5674
Adding visual and proprioceptive exercises to dizziness caused by BPPV :A randomized clinical trail .Indian Journal of Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy , 2015(oct-dec);Volume 9 ,Issue 4 ,335-239-ISSN-P-0973-5666 ,ISSN-E-0973-5674
To know the exercise programs used on dizziness in benign paroxysomal positional vertigo :A systematic review ,SHAHANAWAZ SD in Unique Journal of Medical and Dental Sciences ,3(3),July-September 2015 ; ISSN 2347-5579
To develop and validate multicomponent exercise programme on dizziness caused by BPPV patients SHAHANAWAZ SD , Universal Research Journal of Medical Sciences ,2(4),July-August 2015, ; ISSN 2395-4183.
• To find out the effectiveness of functional task approach in adult hemiplegia patients .SHAHANAWAZ SD ,International Journal of Medicinal Plants and Natural Products ,Volume 1,Issue 2,September 2015
• Effect of swiss ball on balance in children with spastic diplegia :A case study SHAHANAWAZ SD ,Arc Journal of Pediatrics 2015:1(1):8-11
• At fracture Site Clean the Wound with Plenty of Water Shahanawaz SD ,International Journal of Clinical and Medical Imaging ISSN : IJCMI Volume 1 • Issue 3 • 1000155 January, 2014.
• Effect of Muscle Energy Technique and Shoe Modification on Right Lateral Tibial Shin Syndrome in Joggers ,SHAHANAWAZ SD,Scientific Research Journal of India,Volume 3 Issue 3
Honors and Awards
Young Acheivement Award from -Rehabilitation Society of Physical Therapists -India ,
Best Paper Award International Conference of Research and Enterpreneureship 2016
Winner Up of Poster Presentation ,in National Physiotherapy Convention held at Chennai organized by A J Sathak College of Physiotherapy Chennai ,2011-12
Winner of District- runner up award in Rank & Bolt sponsored by Air- India, the Deccan- Chronicle and Sisat in 2004
Invited Talks
Expert Lecture on National Physiotherapy Convention,On Sports injuries,at RK Univesity 2012
Workshop on Neuro Developmental Technique (NDT) at MGM University Aurangabad ,2014
Workshop on Live Hands on Hemiplegic Patients :An Eclectic Approach , at Rk University 2014
• Lecture on Holistic Neuro physiotherapeutic approach on cerebral palsy in Pediatric Physiotherapy Update 2015 at KEM Hospital ,Pune on 8th August 2015
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