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Shad Mahfuz

Department Of Animal Nutrition, Sylhet Agricultural University, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Shad Mahfuz
From 9/2015 to 6/2018, PhD (Animal Nutrition and Feed Science) , P R China
From 6/2010 to 6/2012, Msc (Animal Nutrition) , Bangladesh
From 3/2003 to 8/2009, Docto of Veterinary Medicine, DVM , Bangladesh
Work Experiences
From 9/2012 to till date, Assistant Professor , Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
From 8/2010 to 8/2012, Lecturer , Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh
From 9/2015 to 6/2018, Innovative Platform for Economic Fungi in Jilin province, China , Use of medicinal fungi as animal feed supplement
Animal Nutrition
Feed Evaluation
Animal Physiology
Journal Articles
Shad Mahfuz, Hui Song, Yue Miao, and Zhongjun Liu (2018) Dietary inclusion of mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) stem waste on growth performance, and immune response in growing layer hens. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, DOI:10.1002/jsfa.9236 (Online), (IF 2.379)
Shad Mahfuz, Hui Song, Zhongjun Liu, Xinyu Liu, Zipeng Diao, Guihong Ren, Zhixin Guo, and Yan Cui (2018) Effect of golden needle mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) stem waste on laying performance, calcium utilization, immune response and serum immunity at early phase of production. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Science, 31 (5), 705-711. (IF 1.243)
S.U.Mahfuz, M.Chen, J.S.Zhou, S.Wang, J.Wei, Z.Liu and H. Song (2018) Evaluation of golden needle mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) stem waste on pullet performance and immune response. South African Journal of Animal Science. Volume 48(3), 563-571 (IF 0.981)
Mahfuz S, Wei J, Chen M, Zhen D, Nahar J, Liu Z, Song H (2018) Organic Egg Production, Egg Quality, Calcium Utilization, and Digestibility in Laying Hens Fed with Mushroom (Flammulina velutipes) Stem Waste, Brazilian Journal of Poultry Science, Volume 20, (Accepted) ( IF 0.463)
S U Mahfuz, M R Chowdhury, M M H khan, M A Baset, (2014) Effect of Triple Super Phosphate Supplementation on Degradability of Rice Straw and Ammonia Nitrogen Concentration. Small Ruminant Research Journal (Elsevier) Volume 120, Issue 1, Page 15-19. (IF 0.974)
S. U. Mahfuz, M.SD. Islam, M.R. Chowdhury, S. Islam, M. K. Hasan and M. N. Uddin (2017) Influence of concentrate supplementation on production and reproduction performance of female Black Bengal goat. Indian Journal of Animal Research, 52(5)735-739. (IF 0.201)
Chowdhury MR, Khan MMH, Mahfuz SU, Baset MA (2017) Effects of dietary supplementation of spices on forage degradability, ruminal fermentation, in vivo digestibility, growth performance and nitrogen balance in Black Bengal goat. Journal Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition. 102(2) e591-e598. (IF 1.607)
Mahfuz S U, Nahar M J, Chen Mo, Zhang Ganfu, Liu Zhongjun and Song Hui (2017) Inclusion of probiotic on chicken performance and immunity: A Review . International Journal of Poultry Science 16 (9), 328-335. (IF 0.35)
Mahfuz S. U, Song H, Zongjun L (2017) Improved production performance and health status with winter mushroom stem (Flammulina velutipes ) in laying chicken: review. International Journal of Poultry Science 16 (4), 112-117. (IF 0.35)
Dong Zhen, Ling Su, Yue Miao, Fei Zhao, Guihong Ren, Shad Mahfuz, Hui Song (2018) Purification, partial characterization and inducing tumor cell apoptosis activity of a polysaccharide from Ganoderma applanatum International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (Elsevier) 115:10-17 (IF 3.909)
Ren Guihong, Miao Yue, Zhen Dong, Mahfuz Shad, Zhao Fei, & Song Hui (2018) Partial purification and antioxidant activities of oligosaccharides from Hericium caput-medusae (Bull.) Pers. International Journal of Medicinal Mushroom (Accepted), (IF 1.357)
S U Mahfuz, M R Chowdhury, Mohammad Mehedi Hasan khan, M Abdul Baset, (2016). In vitro study of Phosphate Supplementation (sodium orthophosphate, NaH2PO4.2H2O) on Degradability and fermentation of Rice Straw. International Journal of Biosciences (IJB) 9(6)170-176. (IF 0.50, global)
Animesh Chandra Roy , Md Rafiqul slam, Mohammed Kawser Hossain, Nasrin Sultana Lucky, Md Rashedunnabi Akanda, Bashudeb Paul , Mir Md Iqbal Hasan, Md Shad Uddin Mahfuz, Fokor Uddin, Shipra Roy (2015). Effects of various local analgesics and ketamine for cranial epidural analgesia in Black Bengal Goats. International Journal of Biological Research (IJBR), 3 (1) 19-24
Uddin Md Nazim, Belal Shah Ahmed, Akanda Md Rashedunnabi, Mahfuz Md Shad Uddin, Khan Mohammad Mehedi Hasan, Baset Md Abdu (2014), Nutritional status of black bengal goat in government goat development farm, Sylhet. Annals of Veterinary and Animal Science (AVAS) 01: 96 -109.
M.A.A.Mahmud, M.A.Baset, S.U.Mahfuz, H.Mehraj and AFM Jamal Uddin, (2014). Relationship between Milk Urea Nitrogen and Lactation Stages of Dairy Cows, International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research. 01(03):161-167.
M.M.Rahman, M.A.A.Mahmud, M.A.Baset, S.U.Mahfuz, H.Mehraj and AFM Jamal Uddin, (2014). Milk Nutritional Composition in Relation to Cow Genotype and Location of Bangladesh, International Journal of Business, Social and Scientific Research. 01(03):155-160
S U Mahfuz, M M Hossain, M SD Islam, M N Uddin and M H Habir. (2011). Retrospective study of liver fluke (Fasciola gigantica) infestation in domestic ruminants. Eco–friendly Agriculture Journal. Vol. 4(07): 644-647.
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M H Habir, M A Reza, K M A Razi, M M Parvez, M A S Bag and S U Mahfuz (2010). A report on clinical prevalence of diseases and disorders in cattle and goat at the upazilla veterinary hospital, Ulipur, Kurigram. International Journal of Bio research. Vol. 2(11):17-23.
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Best Pubication Award-2015, Sylhet Agricultural university-2015
Chinese Government Scholarship- CSC-2015
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