Personal Information
Thanga Shyla

Department of Education, St. Joseph University, Dar es Salaam, Mbezi, Tanzania

Thanga Shyla
From 01/2010 to 10/2013, Doctorate , India
Work Experiences
From 06/2014 to 09/2015, Associate Professor & Head , St. Joseph University in Tanzania
'Higher Education in India: Issues, Concerns and New Directions', New Delhi: Abhijeet Publications, ISBN 978-93-5074-162-7, Edited by Dr. Karthik, 'Endorse the Level of Intelligent through Mastery Learning among Pre-service Elementary Teachers, Dr. S. D. Thanga Shyla
Journal Articles
Impact of Formative Assessment: Comparative Analysis on the Performance of Bachelor of Science in Education Students , Science Journal of Education, Science PG, ISSN: 2329-0897, 2015; 3(4-1): 5-10. Dr. S. D. Thanga Shyla
Enriching and Enhancing Life Skills by Learning Science among Adolescents, Science Journal of Education, Science PG, ISSN: 2329-0897 (Online)2015; 3(4-1): 21-24. Auther: Dr. S. D. Thanga Shyla
Felicitating Science Education through E-Learning, Education at the Crossroads, An International Journal of Education & Humanities , April 2015
Conference Papers
Enhancing and Felicitating Younger Generation via Value Education, UGC Sponsered International Seminar Madurai: St. Justins College of Education on 25th and 26th September 2014. ISBN: 978-93-80657-12-7
Endorsement of Innovation among Educational Institutions in Generating Knowledgeable Citizens, International Conference, 22nd & 23 rd May 2015. Tamil Nadu Teacher Education University.
Evaluation of Science Education, KAAS & Bishop Agniswamy College of Education, Muttom, K. K. Dist. India on 29th March 2014.
Shaping Cognitive Thinking among Students through Active Learning Methods, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Trinelveli, India on 13th &14th March 2014. ISBN 978-81-909565-1-2
Promoting Quality Enhancement through Value Education for the new Generation, International conference, Immanuel Arasar College of Education, K. K Dt. India on 28th& 29th January 2014.
Reframing Enviable Curriculum for the future Generation, International Seminar on Teacher Education Changing Global Society, Bishop Agniswamy College of Education, Muttom, K. K. Dist. India on 14th& 15th December 2013.
Quality Improvement through Mastery Learning by means of Developing Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation, International Conference on Quality Enhancement in Higher Education Beyond Cognition, Tamilnadu Open University, School of Education, Chennai, India on 21st& 22nd November 2013. ISBN: 978 81 7735 743 1
Goal Achievement by Mastery Learning All India Conference KAAS & Sree Ayyappa College of arts & Science for women, Nagercoil, India on October 5 & 6, 2013.
Promoting Protracting Improvement through Mastery Learning among the student-Teachers, International Conference on Approaches and Strategies for Generation Y Learners, Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, Chennai, India on 21- 23 June 2013. ISBN: 978 93 5111 194 8
Self Discipline by dint of Mastery Learning, An International Conference on Revamping Qualities in Higher Education, Department of Education, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli, India on 13th -15th February 2013.
Mastery Learning for the Struggling Students, International Conference of Teacher Educators, KAAS & St. Ignatious College of Education, Trinelveli, India on March 17, 2012. ISBN: 978 93 81658 00 0
Effective evaluation through Mastery Learning Model, National Seminar on Evaluation in Higher Education, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Thirunelveli, India on 29th& 30th January, 2010.
Mastery Learning through Computer, National Conference of Teacher Educators, KAAS, Ponjesly College of Education, Nagercoil, India on April 30, 2011. ISBN:978 81 909710 9 6
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