Personal Information
Saiyu Yuan

Department of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Engineering, Hohai University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China

Saiyu Yuan
From 09/2009 to 06/2014, Doctorate , China
From 09/2005 to 07/2009, Bachelor , China
Work Experiences
From 06/2014 to Present, Assistant Professor , Hohai University
From 08/2011 to 10/2011, Visiting Scholar , Oregon State University
From 03/2011 to 12/2012, Visiting Scholar , Jackson State University
Civil Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Journal Articles
Saiyu Yuan, Hongwu Tang, Li L, Pan Y., Amini F. Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping Erosion Failure Model of HPTRM Levees: Accounting for Grass-mat Strength, Ocean Engineering, 2015, 109: 256-269.
Saiyu Yuan, Li L, Amini F, Hongwu Tang, Turbulence Measurement of Combined Wave and Surge Overtopping of a Full-Scale HPTRM-Strengthened Levee, Journal of Waterway Port Coastal & Ocean Engineering, 2014, 140(4): 86-95.
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Saiyu Yuan, Li L, Amini F, Hongwu Tang, Numerical Study of Turbulence and Erosion of an HPTRM-Strengthened Levee under Combined Storm Surge Overflow and Wave Overtopping, Journal of Coastal Research, 2014, 293(1): 142-157.
Li L., Saiyu Yuan, Amini F., Hongwu Tang, Numerical Study of Combined Wave Overtopping and Storm Surge Overflow of HPTRM Strengthened Levee , Ocean Engineering, 2015, 97: 1-11.
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Du Q., Hongwu Tang, Xiao Y., Saiyu Yuan, Predicting Flow Rate and Sediment in Bifurcated River Branches, Water Management, 2016, 169(4): 156-167.
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