Personal Information
Pronay Bala

Department of Agriculture, Hajee Lal Mia City College, Gopalganj, Bagladesh, Bangladesh

Pronay Bala
From 1/2001 to 6/2002, MS in Agronomy , Bangladesh
From 1/1994 to 8/1998, B Sc Ag , Bangladesh
From November 2011 to December 2015, Ph D in Crop Physiology and Ecology , Bangladesh
Work Experiences
From 12/1999 to 7/2015, Assistant Professor , Lal mia City College,Gopalganj,Bangladesh
Stress Physiology
Seed quality
Crop production
Health hazards
Performance of Mustard to Sowing time,LAMBERT Acaademic Publishing,ISBN:978-3-659-31326-4,Pronay Bala
Agriculture(In Bengali), For class XI-XII First paper,Puthinoloy,Dhaka,Ashit Kumar Shaha,Mritunjay Roy,Pronay Bala,Abul Kalam Azadm
Agriculture(In Bengali),For class XI-XII Second paper,Puthinoloy,Dhaka,Ashit Kumar Shaha,Mritunjay Roy,Pronay Bala,Abul Kalam Azad,S.M.Awal Hoque
Journal Articles
Performance of aroids grown under multilayer agro forestry system. Eco-friendly Agril. J.ISSN:1999-7957, 6(01):2013, 01-05. Bhuiyan, MMR. Roy, S., Bala, P., Azad, A.K., Nasir, M.N. and Barmon, N.C.
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Honors and Awards
Talent teacher,2005,National Teachers Day
Invited Talks
Pronay Bala,Study of Eco-physiological aspects of wheat genotypes in response toheat stress,Ph D Seminer,August,2013,Dinajpur,Bangladesh.
Pronay Bala,Yield performance of lentil asinfluenced by genotype and inoculant interaction,12th conferance Agronomic Research for Enhancing Sustainable Crop Production,September,20,2013,Dhaka,Bangladesh.
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