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Galina Cherednichenko

Institute of Sociology of the Federal Center of Theoretical and Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Москва, Russia

Galina Cherednichenko
From 09.1968 to 07.1973, Doctorate , Russia
From 09.1978 to 07.1980, Post-Doctorate , Russia
Work Experiences
From 06. 1991 to now, leading researcher , Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences
From 11.1973 to 05.1991, Junior researcher, senior researcher , Institute of the international labor movement, Academy of Sciences of the USSR,
From 03.2018 to 12.2020, Part-time Learners of Higher Education: Social Behaviour in the Education and the Labour Market , The research of the reciprocal links between the needs of the population in the part-time form of higher education, their satisfaction within the framework of the modern evolution of this form of education, the characteristics of their professional qualifications and mobility in the labor market, as well as the problems and dysfunctions that arise
From 02.2015 to 12.2017, Youth in Transition Countries - Innovative Potential, New Context, New Challenges and New Problems. , The comparative study of scientists of 8 post-communist countries. The research of the role of the young generation in processes of systemic transformation in the countries which have experienced communism: the life situation of today’s youth, as well as their development potential and the framework conditions
From 01.2013 to 12.2015, New Meanings in Educational Strategies of Youth , Empirical sociological research of the changes that occur in youth educational strategies based on deep transformations of modern Russia (institutional conditions and rules of social behavior associated with the mobility of the labor market, specific demographics, globalization, and the expansion of access to education, the radical reforms of secondary and higher education, Russia's entry into the world educational space)
From 01.2010 to 12.2012, Youth-Education-Society , Polish Russian sociological comparison study. Connections between education and young people entering the labour market; the social problems of young people, related to the spheres of education and labor under the impact of the political transformation, the modernization of education in couple with the modification of the labor market and demographic processes
From 01.2009 to 12.2011, Blue-collar young workers today: study, work, social well-being , Quantitative and qualitative sociological research of the needs and motivations of working young people in the sphere of education and work, strategies and practices of accumulation of educational resources and skills, their conversion into positions on the labor market and factors in the formation of assessments of social well-being
From 01.2006 to 12.2007, Effectiveness of the practice of studying abroad , Qualitative study of the phenomenon of education in the West as a mechanism for the translation of sociocultural and institutional patterns and norms that are perceived in the host country and somehow carried forward upon return to their homeland
From 1978 to 2013, Educational and professional trajectories of graduates of secondary schools , A series of interrelated sociological projects (1978, 1994, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2008, 2013). Longitudinal studies of the features of the formation of representations and motivations about future professional activity, educational orientations and actual options after school; changes in the dynamics of options of young people of different generations due to changes in the economic, social, demographic situation in the country
Russian youth in the dynamics of decades. Statistical materials and research results: [monograph] / [D.L. Konstantinovskiy, G.A. Cherednichenko et al]. M.: Institute of Sociology RAS, 2017. – 175 pp. ISBN 978-5-89697-284-6 / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Gasparishvili A.T., Meshkova L.I., Popova E.S.
Rossiyskaya molodezh: ot obrazovaniya k trudu (na materialakh sotsiologicheskikh issledovaniy obrazovaterlnykh i prodessionalnykh traektoriy) [Russian Youth: from Education to Work (Based on Sociological Studies on Trajectories in Education and Careers) [monograph], St. Petersburg: Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy, 2016. – 392 pp. ISBN 978-5-88812-795-7 / Cherednichenko G.A.
Novye smysly v obrazovaterlnyh strategiyah molodezhy: 50 let issledovaniya (monografiya).[ New Meanings in Educational Strategies of Youth: 50 Years of Research (monograph). M.: Social Forecasting and Marketing Center, 2015. – 232 pp. ISBN 978-5-906001-05-4 / D. Konstantinovskiy, M. Abramova, G. Cherednichenko, G. Goncharova, V. Kostyuk, E. Popova, E. Voznesenskaya.
Obrazovatelnye I prodessionalnye traektorii rossiyskoj molodezhi (na materialah sotsiologicheskih issledovaniy) [Educational and professional trajectories of Russian Youth (Based on Sociological Studies). M.: Social Forecasting and Marketing Center, 2014. — 560 pp. ISBN 978-5-906001-29-0 / Cherednichenko G.A.
Molodezh Rossii na rubezhe XX-XXI vekov: obrazovanye, trud, sotsialnoye samochuvstviye [Russian Youth at the Turn of XX-XXI Centuries: Education, Employment, Social Well-being]. M.: Social Forecasting and Marketing Center, 2014. — 548 pp. ISBN 978-5-90600-10-8 / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Voznesenskaya E.D.
Polish and Russian Youth: Education and Work in Changing Society / edited by Krystyna Szafraniec and David Konstantinovskiy. – Moscow: Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, 2013. – 164 pp. 1 CD ROM. ISBN 978-5-89697-229-7 / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Popova E.S., Voznesenskaya E.D.
Obrazovatelnye pyti i prodessionalnye karjery (na materialah sotsiologicheskih issledovaniy molodezhy) [Educational Paths and Careers (Based on Sociological Studies of Youth). M.: Institute of Sociology RAS, 2012. – 332 pp. 1 CD-ROM. ISBN 978-5-89697-217-4 / Cherednichenko G.A.
Rabochaya molodezh Rossii: kolichestvennoye i kachestvennoye izmereniya [Blue collar young workers: quantitative and qualitative measures]. M.: Center of Sociological researches, Ministry of Education of RF, 2013. – 277 pp. 1 CD ROM. ISBN 978-5-906001-08-5. / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Voznesenskaya E.D.
Obrazovaniye i zhiznennye traektorii molodezhy: 1998-2008 gody [Education and life trajectories of youth: 1998-2008]. M.: Social Forecasting and Marketing Center, 2011. – 296 pp. ISBN 978-5-98201-037-7 / D. Konstantinovskiy, G. Cherednichenko, F. Hohlushkina, E. Voznesenskaya.
Effekt dlitelnogo prebyvaniya rossiyan v stranah Zapada / Vozdejstviye zapadnyh sotsiokulturnyh obrazstov na sotsialnye praktiki v Rossii (Teorii, nabliudeniya, biograficheskiye interviu. Sovety studentam). Pod red. V.A. Yadova. [The effect of a long stay of Russians in the West / The impact of Western sociocultural patterns on social practices in Russia (Theories, observations, biographical interviews. Advices to students) / edited by V.A. Yadov]. M.: TAUS, 2009. P. 129-270. ISBN 978-5-903011-61-2 / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Voznesenskaya E.D.
Internatsionalizatsiya obrazovaniya i rossiyskaya molodzh: otkrytiya, obreteniya, rezultativnostj [Internationalization of education and Russian youth: discoveries, acquisitions, results]. M.: Informational and analytical bulletin, Institute of Sociology RAS. 2008, N 4. – 80 pp. ISBN 978-5-89697-155-9 / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Voznesenskaya E.D.
Sotsialno-gumanitarnoye obrazovaniye: orientatsii, praktiki, resursy sovershenstvovaniya [Social and humanitarian education: orientations, practices, resources for improvement]. M.: Center for Social Forecasting, 2006. – 264 pp. ISBN 5-98201-008-6 / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Dymarskaya O.Y., Voznesenskaya E.D.
Molodezh Rossii: sotsialnie orientatsii i zhiznennie puti (opyt cotsiologicheskogo issledovaniya) [Youth of Russia: social orientations and life paths (experience of sociological research]. St. Petersburg: Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy, 2004. – 504 pp. ISBN 5-88812-195-9 / Cherednichenko G.
Rossiyskiy student segodnia: ucheba plius rabota [Russian student today: study plus work]. М.: Center for Social Forecasting, 2002. – 128 pp. ISBN 5-87444-026-1 / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Voznesenskaya E.D.
Kogda nastupaet vremia vybora (Ustremleniya molodezhi i pervye shagi posle okonchaniya uchebnyh zavedeniy / Otv. red. G.A. Cherednichenko [When the time of choice comes (Youth aspirations and first steps after graduation) / Edited by G.A. Cherednichenko]. St. Petersburg: Russian Christian Humanitarian Academy, 2001. – 568 pp. ISBN 5-88812-123-1 / Konstantinovskiy D.L., Cherednichenko G.A., Hohlushkina F.A., Voznesenskaya E.D.
Conference Papers
Educational and Status Positioning for 10 Years after Graduation from Secondary Educational Institutions. XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology «Power, Violence and Justice: Reflections, Responses and Responsibilities». 07. 15-21. 2018. Toronto, Canada. International Sociological Association
General characteristics and regional peculiarities of full-time and correspondence courses of higher education: on the materials of statistics of the Russian Federation. XIX April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development. 04.10-13. 2018. Moscow, Russia. National Research University-Higher School of Economics
Educational Trajectories of Youth: Researches and main Results. III ISA Forum of Sociology “The Future We Want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World”. 07.10-14.2016. International Sociological Association
The model of socio-cultural reproduction (on the example of secondary schools). XVII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development. 04.19-22. 2016. Moscow, Russia. National Research University-Higher School of Economics
Accumulation of Educational Resources and Professional Trajectories of Young Workers. VIII ISA World Congress of Sociology “Facing an Unequal World: Challenges for Global Sociology” 07. 13-19. 2014. Yokohama, Japan, International Sociological Association
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