Personal Information
Mohammed Nihad Ahmed

Department of English Translation Studies, Arts College, University of Mosul, North, North Iraq, Iraq

Mohammed Nihad Ahmed
to till now, PhD in English Linguistics and Translation , Iraq
, MA English Translation Studies
, BA English Translation
Work Experiences
From 2004 to till now, Faculty Member , University of Mosul
From 2009 to still working, Arabic - English Miscellany , to help translation novices to develop translation skills in classroom and work field, the project will include terms in the fields of mass media, management, aviation, cargo, accounting, transport, customs, navigation, international agreements, oil resources, and commerce
English Linguistics (major)
Conitive Linguistics (minor)
General Semantics (Major)
Cognition and Neurolinguistics (Minor)
Translation theories and studies (minor)
Ahmed, MN (2011). A Cognitive Semantic Study of Translating Metonyms in Quran. Lumbert
Ahmed, MN (2012). Lecture Notes of English in Dentistry. Lumbert
Journal Articles
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• أحمد، محمد والوتار، وائل. (2012). ترجمة المصطلح العلمي ركيزة في تحقيق جودة التعليم العالي: كلية طب الأسنان – جامعة الموصل أنموذجاً. بحث منشور في كتاب المؤتمر العلمي الثاني لجودة التعليم العالي. الجامعة الخليجية. ممكلة البحرين
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Ahmed, MN (2015). Pedagogy of Translation: a Technological View. (poster presentation in EDULEARN15 Conference). Barcelona (Spain).
Ahmed, MN (2015). Comprehension Elements to Support Translation Novices. (to be issued in Journal of Humanities, Arts and Literature, India.
Conference Papers
The Third Educational Conference, 24-26 April, 2006. Arab Thought Foundation (Attendance). LEBANON
The 2nd International Translation Conference: Successful Experiences, expertise and Technologies in Translation, 27-28 April 2007. Arab Thought Foundation (Attendance). JORDAN
The 1st International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance of Higher Education. 2-4 May, 2011. Zarqa University, Jordan
International Conference (ICT) for language Learning on 20-21 October, (Virtual presenter) Florence – Italy
Global Education Forum and Gulf Education Supplies and Solutions, Dubai Trade Center, (Attendance) 28 February – 1 March 2012. UAE
The 2nd Scientific Conference on Quality Assurance of Higher Education. 4-5 April, 2012. (Presenter) Gulf University, Bahrain
The 3nd International Arab Conference on Quality Assurance of Higher Education. 4-5 April, 2012. Zaytoona University (Presenter). Jordan
Honors and Awards
University of Mosul, 2009
University of Mosul, 2013
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Tel: (001)347-688-8931