Personal Information
Adeoti Olatunde

Department of Science Laboratory Technology, the Oke-Ogun Polytechnic, Oyo, Nigeria

Adeoti Olatunde
From 06/1994 to 06/1999, Bachelor of Technology , Nigeria
From 06/2003 to 11/2006, M. Sc in Cellular parasitology , Nigeria
From 06/2008 to 12/2015, Master of Philosophy , Nigeria
Work Experiences
From 06/2004 to Date, Lecturer , The Polytechnic Ibadan, Saki, Nigeria
From 06/2017 to 06/2022, Board Member , Oyo State Education Trust Fund, Nigeria
From 07/2005 to Date, Executive Director , NGO/Face Out Malaria and AIDS foundation (FOMA)
From 06/1994 to 06/1999, Mutagenic and genotoxic effect of acetaminophen and caffein combined on abino rats , to determine the safety or otherwise of common anagesics in humans using rats as text agents
From 06/2003 to 11/2006, socieoeconomic effects of Chloroquine resistant malaria in young adults in Yemetu, Nigeria , to assess the potential socioeconomicimpacts of drug resistant Plasmodium falciparum common antimalaria on young adults
From 06/2008 to 12/2015, Cellular immune responses induced in co-infection of HIV and Plasmodium falciparum in pregnant mothers and their babies post-delivery , to determine the cellular whether co-infection of malaria and HIV modulates immune response in pregnant mothers
Medical Microbiology
Cellular Parasitology
Cell Biology &Genetics
'the fundamentals of cell biology and genetics',royalbird ventures,978-978-51246-6-8, Adeoti Olatunde.M
'a focal point of plant pathology and pest control',royalbird ventures,978-978-51246-0-6, Adeoti Olatunde.M, Adedoja Sulaiman, Olufemi Samson, Adeoye Kafilat, Olaoye Joy, Abiola A
Journal Articles
Adeoti, O.M., Adedoja S.A. (2017). The Biosocial Burden of HIV and Malaria co-infection among Pregnant Mothers. International Journal of Biomedical Materials Research. Volume 5, No. 4, 50-54
Adeoti, O. M., Awobode, H. I Anumudu, C. I (2015). Cellular Immune Responses to HIV and falciparum malaria Co-infection among pregnant mothers. American Journal of Biomedical Research Volume 3, No 2, 13-20
Adeoti, O. M., Anumudu, C. I, Awobode, H. I, (2015). Changes in cytokine profiles among HIV and malaria co-infected pregnant mothers. Book of proceedings of International Academic Conference. Vol. 3 No 2. Page 7-16
Adeoti, O. M., Anumudu, C. I, (2012). Malaria Treatment schedules and Socio-economic implication of mutation in the pfmdr1 and pfrcrt genes of Plasmodium falciparum isolates in asymptomatic carriers in Nigeria. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. Volume 2 number 6.Pp. 70-76
Adeoti, O. M, Anumudu, C. I, Awobode, H. I, Nwuba, R. I, Fagbade, O. Olaniyan, M. F. Olayiwola, O. (2012). Prevalence of HIV and Malaria Parasites co-infection in pregnant mothers and their babies post-delivery. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare. Volume 2 Number 6.Pp. 59-64
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Adeoti, O. M. Anumudu, C. I, Olaniyan, M. F. Siyanbola, M. F. and Adejumobi C. A. (2007): Presumed malaria and Human Immunodeficiency Disease: a challenge to Health Planners? Journal Medical & Pharmaceutical Science Vol 3: No 3:75-80
Adeoti, O. M, Anumudu, C. I, Olaniyan, M. F. Adejumobi, C. A. Ajifowobaje, C. O. Owolabi, A. G., Hammed O (2007): Urbanization and Symptomatic Malaria in relation to retroviral screening. Journal Medical & Pharmaceutical Science Vol 3: No 3:75-80
Honors and Awards
Scientific Engagement Grant: An award from Public Health foundation of India (2016) in 17th International Congress on Infectious Diseases in Hyderabad, India, March 2-5, 2016
Invited Talks
Adeoti Olatunde Micheal, Unleashing the novel approaches in advancing Personalized Medicine", August 20-21, 2018 in Rome, Italy.
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