Personal Information
Mayssoon Dashash

Faculty of Dentistry, Damascus University, Damascus, Syria

Mayssoon Dashash
From 10/2001 to 12/2005, PhD in Paediatric Dentistry , University of Manchester, UK
From 01/2006 to 12/2008, MFDS RCS( Ed) , Royal College of Surgeon of Edinbrugh, UK
From 01/2011 to 3/2015, CertMedEd , University of Dundee, UK
Paediatric Dentistry, PhD in Paediatric Dentistry, UK
Genetics, craniofacial deformities, cytokine gene polymorphism of oral diseases
Medical education: postgraduate certificate in medical education, UK
Journal Articles
Community-Oriented Medical Education: Bringing Perspectives to Curriculum Planners in Damascus University,Education for Health 26(2), 2013, 130-132, Dashash M
Interventions for the restorative care of amelogenesis imperfecta in children and adolescents. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2013 Jun 6;6:CD007157,Dashash M, Yeung CA, Jamous I, Blinkhorn A
The influence of socioeconomic status on oral health-related quality of life among Syrian children with cleft lip, or palate, or both. Saudi Medical Journal 34,(2), 2013, 181-186, Dak-Albab, R.J. , Dashash, M.A
The implementation of plagiarism detection system in health sciences publications in Arabic and english languages. International Review on Computers and Software. 8 (4)2013, 915-919.Omar, K.a, Alkhatib, B.a, Dashash, M
Mutations in C4orf26 Cause Amelogenesis Imperfecta and Identify a Novel Peptide with in vitro Hydroxyapatite Nucleation Activity. American Journal of Human Genetics, 2012 7;91(3):565-71.Parry et al
Dietary Patterns and Oral Health in Schoolchildren from Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic, East Mediterr Health J 18,4, 2012. 358-364. Jaghasi I, Hatahet W, Dashash M
Craniofacial Parameters of Syrian Children with Beta-Thalassemia Major. Journal of investigative and clinical dentistry, 2011,2;1-9. Takriti M, Dashash M
The Dental Health of 5 Year Old Children Living in Damascus, Syria, Community Dental Health, 2012, 29(3), 209-213. Dashash M, Blinkhorn M.
Enamelin /Ameloblastin gene polymorphisms in autosomal amelogenesis imperfecta among Syrian families, Journal of investigative and clinical dentistry, 2010,1; 1-7. Dashash M. Bazrafshani R, Poulton K, Jaber S, Naeem E, Blinkhorn AS
Dental education in Damascus University: a critical analysis and a suggested road map for accreditation, Proceeding in the International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Spain, 5-7 July, 2010.Dashash M. Youssef M
Honors and Awards
Unilever poster prize, British Society for Dental Research, UK, 2004.
Travel Award, British Society for Dental Research to represent the UK in the IADR conference in the USA, Hatton Award, 2005.
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