Personal Information
Mashhood Mashhoodi

Thermodynamics and Energy Conversion Research Lab, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Tehran, Iran

Mashhood Mashhoodi
From 2013 to 2015, M.Sc. in Industrial engineering , Iran
From 2007 to 2012, B.Sc. in Mechanical & Energy engineering , Iran
Work Experiences
From 2017 to now, Energy consultant , RS+NKP GmbH
From 2017 to now, Technical engineer , ParsKhodro
From 2016 to 2017, Energy engineer , LUIT Renewable Pvt. Ltd.
From 2014 to now, Research engineer , Thermodynamics & Energy conversion research lab.
From 2015 to 2016, Solar thermal energy storage in carbon based materials as direct solar absorption , To enhance energy efficiency of Concentrated Solar Thermal
From 2016 to 2016, Solar Air conditioning system , The apparatus is portable air conditioning that work robustly with low radiations
Renewable energy
Solar energy
Engineering management
Journal Articles
Control of Flow Field, Mass Transfer and Mixing Enhancement in T-Shaped Microchannels, Journal of Mechanics, Cambridge University Press,2016
Numerical Investigation of Wind Flow around a Cylindrical Trough Solar Collector, ournal of Power and Energy Engineering, 2015
Numerical modeling of bi-polar (AC) pulse electroporation of single cell in microchannel to create nanopores on its membran, The Journal of membrane biology, Springer US, 2014
Simulation of Hybrid Desiccant Cooling System with Utilization of Solar Energy, Trends in Applied Sciences Research, Academic Journals Inc., USA, 2014
Hardness and Wear Properties of Al–4.5% Cu/Al3Mg2 Nanocomposite Prepared by Mechanical Alloying, Materials Transactions, The Japan Institute of Metals and Materials, 2012
Conference Papers
The Influence of Heat Treatment on Tensile Properties of Cu Containing Al-15%Mg2Si-0.3%Li Metal Matrix Composite, 14th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN MATERIALS & PROCESSING TECHNOLOGIES, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey.
Design, Construction and Experiment on Solar cooker with automatic sun tracking system, The World Renewable Energy Congress, 2011, Linkoping, Sweden.
Honors and Awards
Patent awarded “Design and Construction of Metal Hydride Tanks for Fuel Cells, applicable in cars", Awarded by Iranian vicepresident as the second best innovation in National Renewable Energy Award 2011.
Identified as an Exceptional talented researcher in Science and Research branch of Islamic Azad University of Tehran 2012.
Identified as an Exceptional talented student in ME Department, as the 2nd Rank, 2012.
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