Personal Information
Malwina Hopej

Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw, Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland

Malwina Hopej
From 10/2016 , Doctorate , Poland
From 10/2014 to 07/2016, Master , Poland
From 10/2011 to 06/2014, Bachelor of Arts , Poland
From 10/2010 to 06/2013, Bachelor of Arts , Poland
Work Experiences
From 02/2018 to 09/2018, Lecturer - Theory of security , The Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw
From 02/2017 to 09/2017, Lecturer - The nation states (European, Asian, Latin American, African models) , The Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw
From 02/2017 to 09/2017, Lecturer - States in an integration and regionalization process , The Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw
From 02/2017 to 09/2017, Lecturer - The post-modern state , The Institute of International Studies, University of Wroclaw
From 09/2017 , Chairwoman Wroclaw Department of Polish Geopolitical Society , Polish Geopolitical Society
From 01/2017 , Editorial Member of Quarterly Journal Mena Policy Papers , El-Karama Foundation
From 06/2015 to 09/2017, Editor-in-Chief of Research Journal of Eastern European Organization of International Relations , University of Wroclaw
From 11/2016 to 06/2018, CLARIN ERIC – Common Linguistic Methods and Technological Infrastructure , Task performer. Co-creation of media ChronoPress corpus (text corpus of press). Grant awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education within Poland taking part in CLARIN ERIC consortium.
From 06/2017 to 04/2018, The Study of the Perceiving Powers of the Nation Sates. Analysis of the USA Geopolitical Picture of the World , Grant accomplished during 2017-2018, obtained in the Internal Research Projects Contest, organized by the Dean of Social Sciences Department of the University of Wroclaw.
From 04/2015 to 09/2015, Identity in the Aspect of Cultural Borders. Comparison of the Values of Polish Representatives living in Poland and in Ukraine , Research Project accomplished in 2015, sponsored by the University of Wroclaw.
Critical geopolitics
Critical constructivism
The linguistic turn in constructivism
Geopolitical pictures of the world
Linguistic pictures of the world
Foreign policy of the French Republic
Foreign policy of the United States of America
Journal Articles
‘Створення національного бренду на прикладі звіту «Бренд Польща – Концепція»’ / ‘The Creation of National Brand on an Example of the «Brand Poland – concept»’. Культурологічний Альманах. Випуск 9 / Culturological Almanac: Issue 9. Publishing of the Drahomanov University. ISBN: 978-966-931-092-7. Volume 9. 2018. Page No. 80-87. Hopej, M.
‘New Media as a Tool of Terroristic Organizations. Islamic State in Iraq and Syria example’. Quarterly Journal Mena Policy Papers, El – Karama Foundation, Volume 1 (issue in preparation). 2018. Hopej, M.
‘The essence of true HOMELAND. The ways of understanding the value of the HOMELAND by young Poles from Poland and Ukrainian having polish citizenship or formal adherence to the Polish nation’. Review of Nationalities ‘World of Slavs’. De Gruyter. ISSN: 2543-9391 / 2084-848X. Volume 7. 2017. Page No 279-304. Hopej, M.
‘The essence of true INDEPENDENCE. Ways of understanding of the concept INDEPENDENCE by Poles living in Poland and Ukraine (survey report)’. Subjectivism in language. Publishing of the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University. ISBN: 9788322790434. 2017. Page No. 29-43. Hopej, M.
‘Military Factor of the Nation State’. Security in the Aspect of Soft Power and Hard Power. Publishing of the University of Warmia and Mazury. ISBN 978-83-89559-87-6. 2017. Page No. 30-44. 2017. Hopej, M.
‘The Power of the State in the Aspect of Indian Measurement Model’. Caring of secure tomorrow - reminiscences and intentions. Publishing of the University of Security in Poznan. ISBN: 978-83-65096-62-3. Volume 3. 2017. Page No. 73-85. Hopej, M.
‘Global Ranking of Soft Power як приклад вимірювання культурного потенціалу країни’ / ‘Global Ranking of Soft Power as an Example of Cultural Potential of the Nation State Measurement’. Гуманітарний Корпус. Випуск 12 / Humanitarian Corpus. Volume 12. Рublishing of the National Рedagogical University. ISBN: 978-966-924-511-3. 2017. Page No. 107-115. Hopej, M.
‘Geopolitical Basis for Enlargement of the European Union. Book Review: Verluise P. «The Geopolitics of the European Union Borders. Where should expansion stop?». Polish Political Science Yearbook. Adam Marszałek Publishing House. ISSN: 0208-7375. Volume 46. No. 2. 2017. Page No. 315-317. Hopej, M.
‘Polish Linguistic Picture of the World – Selected Aspect’. Гуманітарний Корпус. Випуск 7 / Humanitarian Corpus. Volume 7. Publisher Нілан ЛТД. ISBN: 978-966-924-368-3. 2016. Page No. 185-195. Hopej, M.
‘The Potential of the French Armed Forces’. Chorzow Studies in Politics «Poland and the World in a Time of Socio-Political Conflicts during the XXI Century». WSB University in Poznan Press. ISSN: 2080-752X. Volume 12. 2016. Page No. 169-185. Hopej, M.
Conference Papers
‘The essence of true POWER of state. Linguistic picture of the world of the United States of America’. The Ninth Congress of the International Society for Dialectology and Geolinguistics. July 2018. Vilnius. Institute of the Lithuanian Language, Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Šiauliai University, Vilnius University.
‘Perceived power of the United States on an example of conceptualization of the military sector’. The Second International Congress of Security: Caring of secure tomorrow - reminiscences and intentions. December 2017. Torun. University of Security in Poznan.
‘Understanding of the value of HOME by young Polish representatives living in Poland and Ukraine’. The Third International Conference «Keywords 2017». November 2017. Warsaw. The Institute of Polish Language, University of Warsaw, The Institute of German Studies, University of Warsaw, The Polish Language Foundation, The German Language Society.
‘Conceptualization of the SECURITY term by Polish representatives from Poland and Ukraine’. The Fifth International Conference the «Common Room: from WORDS to WORLDS». October 2017. Plock. Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the State University of Applied Sciences in Plock.
‘Geopolitical determinants of European–Ukrainian cooperation’. International Scientific Conference «Human rights and national identity in the context of Ukrainian integration into Europe». September 2017. Lodz. Faculty of Law and Administration of Lodz University, Faculty of Law and Economy of National I. I. Mecznykov Odessa University, Regional International Debate Center in Lodz.
‘Ukraine in the modern geopolitical conceptions’. International Scientific Conference «Polish–Ukrainian Relations. Analysis of the Cooperation on the 25th Treaty on Good Neighborliness Signing». May 2017. Wroclaw. Eastern European Organization of International Relations of the Institute of International Studies of the University of Wroclaw.
‘The Chernobyl Disaster Consequences perceived by the French Experts and the Society’. International Scientific Conference «Chernobyl Disaster and the Decay of the USSR». December 2016. Kiev. Kiev Scientific Center PAN, Institute of the Political Studies PAN in Warsaw, Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
‘Ways to Understand WAR term in Poland and Ukraine’. III National Scientific Conference «Every language is an alphabet of symbols». November 2016. Zielona Gora. Institute of Neophilology of Zielona Gora University, German Philology Institute of Zielona Gora University.
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