Personal Information
Sergiy Luniov

Department of Physics and Electrical Engineering, Lutsk National Technical University, Lutsk, Volyn, Ukraine

Sergiy Luniov
From 2011 to Now, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematical Sciences , Ukraine
Work Experiences
From 2011 to Now, assistant professor , Lutsk National Technical University
From 12/2011 to Now, A Program target of NAS Ukraine , Elementary processes of the interaction of electrons and photons with matter in the gas and condensed phases, Collaboration as an researcher
Deformation effects in semiconductors, mechanisms of scattering in semiconductors, radiation defects in solids, electrical properties
Journal Articles
S. V. Luniov, P. F. Nazarchuk, and O. V. Burban. Calculation of the Electron Mobility for the Δ1 Model of the Conduction Band of Germanium Single Crystals // Semiconductors, 2014, Vol. 48, No. 4, pp. 438–441 S. V. Luniov, O. V. Burban and P. F. Nazarchuk. Electron scattering in the ∆1 model of the conduction band of germanium crystals // Semiconductors, 2015, Vol. 49, No. 5, pp. 574–578 S. Luniov, O. Burban, P. Nazarchuk, A. Zimych, Influence of electron - phonon interaction on piezoresistance of single crystals n-Ge // Journal of Advances in Physics.–2015.–V.7, №3, p.1931–1938. Luniov Sergiy, Burban Olexandr, Nazarchuk Petro. Deformation potentials for Δ1 minimum of conduction band of single crystals n-Ge // Journal of Advances in Physics, 2014, Vol 5, No.1, pp. 705–711. A. V. Fedosov, S. V. Luniov, S. A. Fedosov. Specific features of intervalley scattering of charge carriers in n-Si at high temperatures // Semiconductors, 2010, Vol. 44, No. 10, pp. 1263–1265. S.V. Luniov, A. I. Zim
Conference Papers
S.V. Luniov, A.I. Zimych, P.F. Nazarchuk Energy levels of radiation defects in germanium single crystals, irradiated by electrons of high energy // European Science and Technology [Text]: materials of the X international research and practice conference, Munich, May 28th – 29th, 2015. Vol II. – Publishing office Vela Verlag Waldkraiburg – Munich – Germany, 2015, p. 174 – 179. Luniov Sergiy. Andriy Zimych, Petro Nazarchuk, Volodymyr Maslyuk, Ivan Megela. The impact of radiation defects on the mechanisms of electron scattering in single crystals n-Ge / // The XXth International Seminar on Physics and Chemistry of Solids, September 13 – 16, 2015, Lviv, p. 30. S.V. Luniov, O.V. Burban, P.F. Nazarchuk, A.V. Zimych. Effect of phonon scattering of electrons by piezoresistance of single-crystals n-Ge/ // XI International Scientific Conference «Electronics and Applied Physics», October 21-24, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2014. – p. 84-85.
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