Personal Information
Elton John de Lirio

National School of Tropical Botany, Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Elton John de Lirio
From 2012 to 2013, Master's degree , Brazil
Work Experiences
From 2008 to 2008 , Secretaria Municipal de Meio Ambiente de Santa Maria de Jetibá
From 2009 to 2012, Researcher contributor , Atlantic Forest Research Institute - Museu de Biologia Professor Mello Leitão
From 2011 to 2016, Member of Deliberative Council , Associação de Amigos do Instituto de Pesquisas da Mata Atlântica - Museu de Biologia Mello Leitão
From 2013 to Currently, Floristic and genetic diversity of the Mini-corridor Sooretama-Goytacazes-Comboios as support for the implementation of the Central Ecological Corridor of the Atlantic Forest , The proposal focuses on the floristic knowledge of three conservation units located in northern Espírito Santo state, Brazil, which are included in the planning of the biodiversity corridor to the southern coast of Bahia and north-central of the Espírito Santo state, known as Mini-corridor Sooretama Goytacazes-Comboios. Also focuses on the knowledge of the genetic structure of populations of co-occurring plants in the study areas and that are important from a structural viewpoint or under some threat condition.
From 2011 to 2014, Taxonomy and Diversity of Angiosperm Flora of the Espírito Santo state, Brazil , The project is divided into: (1) expanding the knowledge of Brazilian biodiversity, focusing on plants (2) mapping of diversity for some taxa known or reasonably and its relationship with potential explanatory variables (3) biodiversity monitoring (4) information applicability on plant biotechnology. General aim to increase knowledge about the diversity of plants, evaluating the usability of data herbaria available online and provide consultation to monitor and interpret the occurrence of species over time interfaces, indicating gaps in taxonomic and geographical knowledge and providing subsidies for conservation of Brazilian biodiversity.
From 2010 to 2011, Vegetation characterization of the watershed of the Córrego Sossego, Espírito Santo state, Brazil
From 2011 to 2012, Monimiaceae in Biological Station of Santa Lucia, State of Espirito Santo, Brazil
From 2012 to 2014, Monimiaceae of Espírito Santo, Brazil: taxonomy, conservation and geographical distribution
From 2014 to 2018, Systematics of neotropical Monimiaceae , Phylogeny, biogeography, geographical distribution and taxonomic and nomenclatural revision of Neotropical Monimiaceae
From 2012 to 2015, Aristolochiaceae of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil , Taxonomic, nomenclatural and geographical treatment of Aristolochiaceae species in the state of Rio de Janeiro
Plant Morphology
Plant Taxonomy
Phanerogam Taxonomy
Plant Systematics
Monimiaceae PEIXOTO, A. L. ; LÍRIO, E. J. In: Livro Vermelho da Flora do Brasil, CNCFlora, 9788588742581, Martinelli G., Moraes, M. A.
Journal Articles
GONZALEZ, F. ; FREITAS, J. ; LÍRIO, E. J. . On the typification, identity and synonomy of Aristolochia disticha Mast. (Aristolochiaceae). Brittonia (Bronx, N.Y.), 2014.
FREITAS, J. ; LÍRIO, E. J. ; GONZALEZ, F. . Aristolochia assisii, a new neotenic species of Aristolochiaceae from Espírito Santo and Bahia, Brazil. Phytotaxa (Online), v. 163, p. 262-268, 2014.
FREITAS, J. ; LÍRIO, E. J. ; GONZALEZ, F. . Aristolochia bahiensis (Aristolochiaceae) reaches Espírito Santo: range extension and first description of capsules and seeds. Boletim do Museu de Biologia Mello Leitao, v. 32, p. 5-11, 2013.
FREITAS, J. ; LÍRIO, E. J. ; GONZALEZ, F. . A new cauliflorous species of Aristolochia (Aristolochiaceae) from Espírito Santo, Brazil. Phytotaxa (Online), v. 124, p. 55-59, 2013.
LÍRIO, E. J. ; ARNHOLZ, E. ; MARTINS, L. R. ; Scalzer, J. . Agrilcultura Sustentável: uma ferramenta para Educação Ambiental no campo. Educação Ambiental em Ação, v. 46, p. 1, 2013.
Hencker, C. ; ASSIS, A. M. ; LÍRIO, E. J. . Fitossociologia de um trecho de floresta estacional semidecidual no município de Itarana (ES). Natureza On Line (Espírito Santo), v. 10, p. 153-159, 2012.
LÍRIO, E. J. ; ARNHOLZ, E. ; Hencker, C. ; ROLDI, M. M. C. ; SOARES, R. B. ; SARNAGLIA JUNIOR, V. B. ; BONADEU, F. ; HEBLING, S. A. . Efeito da inoculação de Bradyrhizobium japonicum (Bradyrhizobiaceae) sobre o desenvolvimento de Senna multijuga e Phaseolus vulgaris (Fabaceae). Natureza On Line (Espírito Santo), v. 10, p. 195-199, 2012.
LÍRIO, E. J. ; Hencker, C. ; ARNHOLZ, E. ; ALEDI, V. L. ; LANSCHI, F. A. ; Marquardt, Luana ; Franco, B. K. S. . Visitantes florais e potenciais polinizadores de Combretum rotundifolium Rich. (Combretaceae). Natureza On Line (Espírito Santo), v. 9, p. 87-90, 2011.
Conference Papers
Botanical collections of the Atlantic Forest, presented in Symposium on Atlantic Forest Biodiversity, 22-06, 2014, Santa Teresa, Brazil organized by Atlantic Forest Institute Research
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