Personal Information
Kazuo Toda

Integrative Sensory Physiology, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, Nagasaki University, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Pref, Japan

Kazuo Toda
From 4/1970 to 3/1976, Tokyo Medical and Dental University(Doctor of Dental Sciences) , Japan
From 4/1976 to 3/1980, Graduate School of Tokyo Medical and Dental University(PhD in Physiology) , Japan
Work Experiences
From 4/1980 to 6/2000, Assistant Professor , Tokyo Medical and Dental University
From 7/2000 to present, Full Professor , Nagasaki University
From 1976 to present, CNS mechanisms of analgesia
From 1995 to present, Peripheral distributions of nociceptor
From 2000 to present, Stress and feeding behavior
From 2002 to present, Sex differences in pain reaction
From 2010 to present, Herbal effects on the digestive function
From 2010 to present, Stress and chemoreception
Somatosensory Physiology
Digestive physiology
Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Oufu Pub, Tokyo JAPAN, ISBN978-4-273-03662-1, Kazuo Toda, Mari Kimoto
Essentials of Pain, Brain Pub,Tokyo Japan, ISBN978-4-89242-941-5, Hiroshi Ueda, Kazuo Toda
Journal Articles
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Conference Papers
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