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The Unification of Mass and Energy
American Journal of Physics and Applications
Volume 3, Issue 5, September 2015, Pages: 178-182
Received: Jul. 23, 2015; Accepted: Aug. 3, 2015; Published: Aug. 14, 2015
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Edwin Zong, Oasis Medical Group Inc, Las Vegas NV, USA
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Our universe is an amazing place where matter floats. The endless stories about changing of mass or energy in the universe may overwhelm all tabloid writers. However, Einstein found a very simple way to cover all the stories in “One” equation: E=MC2. Yes, the “C” actually stands for speed of light (photon) in the vacuum. Few will argue photons are electromagnetic/radiation power. However, many deny photon’s mass status. In this paper, the author will assure you that photon is mass, which also happens to serve the foundation for all gravitational power/positional energy that exists today after a big bang. ⑴ Furthermore, the author will also assure you that neutrino is the dark matter that floats in the space chilling with electrons (- and +). Again, the author assures you that the famous gamma ray burst is just cosmic-sized of our well-studied experiment in our lab: e- + e+ → γ + γ! Our current universe’s mass and energy (detectable or undetectable) are all derived from a big bang’s photons. The primary objective of this study is to uncover the unified origin for both mass and energy in the universe along with their evolutionary path in the discipline of Newtonian physics.
Photon, Neutrino, Gamma Ray, Big Bang, Dark Matters
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