Reflection of the War in Afghanistan by Means of Alexander Ielagin's Creativeness
International Journal of Law and Society
Volume 1, Issue 1, March 2018, Pages: 1-9
Received: Oct. 30, 2017; Accepted: Nov. 14, 2017; Published: Dec. 23, 2017
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Lebiedieva Nadiia, Department of Public Administration, Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, Kyiv, Ukraine; Department of Foreign Languages, Kherson State Agrarian University, Kherson, Ukraine
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This article is dedicated to the poetry by a participant of war in Afghanistan, Ukrainian poet Alexander Ielagin. As it's widely known, poetry is the art of word. The most sacred of the human feelings are expressed by means of poetry. The main aim of the article is to describe the poetry features of a war actions' participant, the contemporary Ukrainian poet Alexander Ielagin and to acquaint English-speaking colleagues with military-patriotic creativeness in Ukraine. The object of this research is the formation of an unified system of knowledge about the poetry of A. Ielagin in the field of spiritual enlightenment. The subject of scientific research, that are verses, poetic texts of songs, and their typological links with historical and philosophical thought. It is concluded that Afghanistan served as the impetus for creativeness, which determined the further development of Alexander Ielagin's talent. Returning home, he begins to write verses that "come themselves". The rows of considered poetic works show the value of every minute of existence, of every living being, the uniqueness of every human life. Kindness, filling his verses, contributes to the enrichment of the spiritual universe. In the process of perception, there is a multiplication of the positive in opposition to aggression, which increasingly captures modern people, subject to the ideology of the consumer society. The research was carried out at the expense of the author of the article. Grants were not used.
Poetry, War, Participant, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Former Soviet Union
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Lebiedieva Nadiia, Reflection of the War in Afghanistan by Means of Alexander Ielagin's Creativeness, International Journal of Law and Society. Vol. 1, No. 1, 2018, pp. 1-9. doi: 10.11648/j.ijls.20180101.11
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