Operational Investigation of Multi Feed Amine Process Performance in Comparison with Conventional Process
International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Engineering
Volume 2, Issue 6, November 2014, Pages: 78-83
Received: Nov. 12, 2014; Accepted: Nov. 27, 2014; Published: Dec. 15, 2014
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Vahid Abkhiz, Pars Oil & Gas Company, South Pars, Iran
Isa Heydari, Fajr-e-Jam Gas Refinery, Jam, Iran
Mostafa Taheri, Fajr-e-Jam Gas Refinery, Jam, Iran
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The alkanolamines are the most generally accepted and widely used of the many available solvents for removal of acid gases from natural gas streams. Amongst different amine sweetening processes like conventional scheme, split flow, absorbers in series or parallel and multi feed, selecting the proper scheme has great impact on acid gas removal. Using multi feed scheme in Fajr-e-Jam gas refinery has provided the chance for better analysis of conventional and multi feed schemes. In current work, the most important parameters in gas sweetening refineries like CO2, H2S and mercaptan removal, caustic solution consumption and temperature distribution throughout the absorption column were investigated for sweetening trains utilizing DEA. For all the parameters mentioned above, multi feed scheme shows good acid gas removal capability and lower causted solution consumption compared to the conventional process with single feed.
Alkanolamines, Acid Gas, Multi Feed, Mercaptan, Caustic Solution
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Vahid Abkhiz, Isa Heydari, Mostafa Taheri, Operational Investigation of Multi Feed Amine Process Performance in Comparison with Conventional Process, International Journal of Oil, Gas and Coal Engineering. Vol. 2, No. 6, 2014, pp. 78-83. doi: 10.11648/j.ogce.20140206.11
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