Performance Comparison for Face Recognition using PCA and DCT
Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Volume 3, Issue 2-1, March 2015, Pages: 62-65
Received: Dec. 23, 2014; Accepted: Dec. 27, 2014; Published: Jan. 27, 2015
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Mozhde Elahi, Department of Control Engineering, Gonabad University, Gonabad, Iran
Mahsa Gharaee, Department of Electronic Engineering, Gonabad University, Gonabad, Iran
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In this paper Performance of Principle Component Analysis and Discrete Cosine Transform methods for feature reduction in face recognition system is compared. In face recognition system, feature extraction is based on wavelet transform and Support Vector Machine classifier for training and recognition is employed. According to experimental results on ORL face dataset the PCA method gives better performance compared to using DCT method.
Face Recognition, Wavelet Transform, PCA, DCT
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Mozhde Elahi, Mahsa Gharaee, Performance Comparison for Face Recognition using PCA and DCT, Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Special Issue: Research and Practices in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in Developing Countries. Vol. 3, No. 2-1, 2015, pp. 62-65. doi: 10.11648/j.jeee.s.2015030201.24
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