Simulating Light Diffusion in Human Brain Tissues Using Monte-Carlo Simulation and Diffusion Equation
Advances in Applied Sciences
Volume 3, Issue 3, June 2018, Pages: 28-33
Received: Jul. 13, 2018; Accepted: Jul. 31, 2018; Published: Aug. 22, 2018
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Omnia Hamdy, Department of Engineering Applications of Laser, National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Giza, Egypt
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Medical diagnosis with optical techniques is favorable due to its safe and painless features. Every tissue type can be distinguished by its optical absorption and scattering properties that are related to many physiological changes and considered to be very important signs for tissue heath. Characterizing light propagation in the human brain tissues is a vital issue in many diagnostic and therapeutic applications. In this work, light propagation in different brain tissues in normal and coagulated state was investigated. A Monte-Carlo simulation model was implemented to obtain spatially resolved steady state diffuse reflectance profiles of the examined tissues. Furthermore, the diffusion equation was solved to create images presenting the optical fluence rate distribution at the tissue surface using the finite element method. The proposed diffuse reflectance curves and fluence rate images show different features regarding tissue type and condition that promises to be effective in medical diagnosis.
Monte-Carlo simulation of Light Propagation, Tissue Optical Parameters, Diffusion Equation, Finite Element Method
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Omnia Hamdy, Simulating Light Diffusion in Human Brain Tissues Using Monte-Carlo Simulation and Diffusion Equation, Advances in Applied Sciences. Vol. 3, No. 3, 2018, pp. 28-33. doi: 10.11648/j.aas.20180303.12
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