Personal Information
Jie Wang

Department of Orthopaedics, the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University, Soochow, Jiangsu, China

Jie Wang
From 09/2007 to 09/2009, Bachelor , China
Work Experiences
From 09/1984 to now, The supervisor of nursing care of surgical department , The first affiliated hospital of Soochow University,China
From 10/2016 to 06/2019, Management of specialist nurses in Department of orthopedics based on home platform for patients after knee replacement , To carry out out patient management for total knee arthroplasty, and improve the function of patients.
From 10/2015 to 06/2018, Applied research on perioperative prevention and treatment of deep venous thrombosis , To formulate perioperative prevention and treatment measures for deep venous thrombosis and to apply them.
From 11/2015 to 10/2017, Research on quality improvement of chronic disease management based on mobile Internet technology home care platform , The home based nursing platform based on mobile Internet technology is applied to the management of chronic disease patients, so as to improve their clinical outcomes.
From 10/2012 to 06/2015, Nutritional support strategy for diabetic patients after reconstruction surgery , Nutritional support was given to patients with diabetes after building up so as to improve their clinical outcomes.
‘Manual of nursing practice in Department of orthopedics’,Southeast University press,9787302420712,Jie,Wang,Lu,Xiuzhen
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'Nursing routine',Southeast University press,9787564139551,Huo,Xiaorong,Jie,Wang,et al.
Journal Articles
Design of nursing platform in home department of orthopedics and its application in Jiangsu,Chinese Journal of nursing,Chinese Nursing Association, ISSN:0254-1769,Volume 52,No. 7,2017,Page No. 826-829.Author:Jie,Wang ,Xiaorong,Huo,Yingqing,Jiang, et al.
Investigation of the cognitive status and preventive measures of deep venous thrombosis of the lower extremities by clinical nurses,Nursing Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army,The Second Military Medical University,ISSN: 1008-9993, Volume 34,No. 14,2017,Page No. 29-32.Author:Jie,Wang,Yahui,Tong,Yefang,Zou,et al.
The training of specialist nurses in Department of orthopedics, based on specialist clinical practice ability,Journal of Nurses training,Guizhou Medical Institute of medicine and health,ISSN1002-69752017,Volume 32,No. 8,2017,Page No. 715-718.Author:Jie,Wang, Xiaorong,Huo, Yeafang,Zou, etal.
Application of nursing rounds in deepening quality care services,Journal of Nurses training,Guizhou Medical Institute of medicine and health,ISSN1002-69752017,Volume 27,No. 13,2012,Page No.1183-1185.Author:Jie,Wang, Xiaorong,Huo.
Honors and Awards
Evaluation of high risk factors of deep venous thrombosis and promotion and application of comprehensive intervention strategy were awarded the three prize of science and technology progress of China Nursing Association in 2017.
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