Personal Information
Jaksan Patel

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Merchant Institute of Technology Piludara, Meshana, Gujarat, India

Jaksan Patel
From 2014 to 2017, PhD , India
Work Experiences
From 09/2009 to 08/2018, Principal , INDIA
From 2011 to 2012, solar plant , design and development of solar dehydration plant
From 2012 to 2013, VFD DRIVE , design and development of variable frequency drive for Hydraulic and Pneumatic System for the ONGC plant
Machine Design & Industrial Drafting,Abhayam Publication,Prof.Chetan.P.Vora
Strength of Materials , Atul Prakashan, Dr. R. P. Rethaliya
Journal Articles
Comparative Study of Simple Passive Solar Still with and without Multilayer Absorber Plate: An Experimental Approach
Selection of CNC lathe Machine by using Axiomatic Principals
Selection of Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameter using GRA method
Selection of Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machining Process Parameter using TOPSIS method
Application of AHP/MOORA method to select Wire cut Electrical Discharge Machining process parameter to cut EN31 alloys steel with Brass wire
Evaluation of FDM Process Parameter for PLA Material by Using MOORA-TOPSIS Method
Evalute the Metal Inert Gas Welding Process Using Activated Flux on SS316L by ANN
Review paper on Behaviour of Disc type Injector Nozzle
Application of PSI Methods to Select FDM Process Parameter for Polylactic Acid
Evaluation of MIG welding process parameter using Activated Flux on SS316L by AHP-MOORA method
Experimental Study on Performance of Disc type Cam operated Fuel Injector Nozzle to Improve the Ignition Characteristics & Combustion of Fuel
Experimental Investigation of Welding parameter for AL6061-MG AZ31B Material on Fiber LASER Welding
Analysis of Mechanical behaviour of TIG Welding AISI321 Austenitic Stinless Steel Plate
Effect of the Welding Speed on the Friction Stir Wed of Dissimilar AI6061 to AZ31 Mg by Using Copper Backing Bar Material
Experimental Investigation of SS321 and SS316L using CO2 LASER Cutting Machine
Empirical Model of Material Removal Rate for WEDM Process
Use of Multi Criteria Decision Making Method for Selection of Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machining Process
Review on: Wire Cut machining Process for Metal Matrix Composite Electrical Discharge
Investigation the Effect of Different Wire Material and Wire Diameter on MRR, SR and CV during WEDM Process for various Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Materials
Development of Empirical Model on Material Removal Rate in WEDM Process for Aluminium Metal Matrix by Manufacturing Processes
WEDM process parameter selection using preference ranking methods: A comparative study
Conference Papers
Operating Cost & Power Optimization of Concrete Benching Mixing Machine by Reducing Number of Prime Movers & Using Mechanical System Design
Operating Cost & Power Optimization Of Concrete Benching Mixing Machine by Reducing Number of Prime Movers & Using Hydraulic System Design
Modeling and Analysis of Tata-Spacio Muffler
Comparison of different Nano Coating such as Glass, Titanium and Silicon Through graphical and analytical simulation by FEM modelling for Thermal Stress Analysis
Review : Electrical Discharge Machining on different material
Selection of Wire Cut Electric Discharge Machining machine using AHP method
Honors and Awards
1 st RANK in Model Presentation
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