Personal Information
Ivonne Defant

Secondary Education Institute of Provincia di Trento, Terlago Vallelaghi, Trento, Italy

Ivonne Defant
From 11/2001 to 03/2005, PhD , Italy
Work Experiences
From 03/2005 to 04/2008, English tutor language , University of Trento, Italy
From 05/2003 to 03/2005, Genre Evolution Project , science fiction
Brontë Studies
Journal Articles
'The Mystery of the Past Haunts Again: Jane Eyre and Eugenie Marlitt's Die zweite Frau', Revue Lisa/Lisa e-journal, Littératures, Histoire des Idées, Images, Sociétés du Monde Anglophone-Literature, History of Ideas, Images and Societies of the English-Speaking World, e-journal Presses Universitaires Rennes Pur, ISSN: 1762-6153, The Brontës and the Idea of Influence (Dossier by Elise Ouvrard), 2010, Page No. 1-20. Author: Ivonne Defant
'Inhabiting Nature in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights', Brontë Studies, Routledge, ISSN: 1474-8932, Volume 42, No. 1, 2017, Page No. 37-47. Author: Ivonne Defant
Conference Papers
'Lo spazio narrante' presented in Spaz(i)o rappresentazioni discorsi e tropi, September-27, 2002, Trento, Italy organized by Trento University
'Taking Charlotte Brontë to London: Claire Boylan's Emma Brown' presented in Cityscapes of the Self, September-16, 2005, Cagliari, Italy Organized by University of Cagliari
'The Woman Journalist as Cultural Mediator: Frances Power Cobbe and Jessie White Mario' presented in Femmes écrivains à la croisée des langues/Women Writers at the Crossroads of Languages 1700-2000, May-10, 2007, Genève, Switzerland organized by University of Genève
'Constructing Gender Awareness Through Translation: The Case of Wuthering Heights' presented in Forms of Migration, Migration of Forms, September-20, 2007, Bari, Italy organized by University of Bari
'Anna Swanwick traduce Schiller: The Maid of Orleans' presented in Traduttrici. Questioni di gender nelle letterature in lingua inglese, November-6, 2008, Naples, Italy organized by Università Orientale of Naples
'Translating Selfhood: Being Emily by Anne Donovan' presented in Challenges for the 21st Century: Dilemmas, Ambiguities, Directions, October-1, 2009, Rome, Italy organized by University of Rome 3
'La manipolazione del genere grammaticale: Mara Fabietti traduttrice dal tedesco' presented in Female Voices Across Languages, October-19, 2009, Naples, Italy organized by Università Orientale of Naples
'East and West Germany Battle with Orlando' presented in Translating Virginia Woolf, October-27, 2010, Naples, Italy organized by Università Orientale of Naples
'Wuthering Heights and Bollywood Crossovers' presented in Transnational Subjects: Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Encounters', September-10, 2015, Naples, Italy organized by Università Federico II of Naples
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