Personal Information
Hiqmet Kamberaj

Faculty of Engineering, International Balkan University, Skopje, Macedonia

Hiqmet Kamberaj
From 09/2001 to 05/2005, Doctorate , United Kingdom
From 10/1997 to 02/2000, Master of Science , Germany
From 09/1991 to 07/1996, Bachelor of Science , Albania
Work Experiences
From 04/2014 to Present, Associate Professor , International Balkan University
From 09/2009 to 03/2014, Assistant Professor , International Balkan University
From 02/2011 to 03/2014, Adjunct Assistant Professor , State University of Tetovo
From 08/2014 to 09/2014, Visiting Researcher , University of South Florida
From 09/2008 to 09/2009, Postdoctoral Research Associate , University of Minnesota
From 09/2006 to 09/2008, Postdoctoral Research Associate , Arizona State University
From 01/2006 to 06/2006, Postdoctoral Fellow , University of Alberta
From 09/2001 to 05/2003, Teaching Assistant , University of Coventry
From 09/2003 to 12/2005, Teaching Assistant , Manchester Metropolitan University
From 01/2004 to 12/2005, Postdoctoral Research Associate , Manchester Metropolitan University
From 09/1996 to 09/1997, Teaching Assistant , University of Tirana
From 06/2014 to Present, Refrigerator system , To predict molecular structure and thermodynamics of different molecular systems used for refrigerator systems, the project will develop new sampling methods used in molecular dynamics technique
From 01/2014 to Present, Trypanothione Synthase , To predict the binding site modes of ligand-protein systems using molecular dynamics simulations in explicit solvent, the project will develop methods for calculating binding free energy of different ligands to protein and compare the results with docking scores
From 08/2014 to 09/2014, Symbolic Transfer Entropy , To implement symbolic transfer entropy theory in CHARMM program, the project will develop new symbolic transfer entropy and local transfer entropy methods used for extracting causality of correlated motions from molecular dynamics simulations
From 07/2013 to Present, Swarm Particle Optimisation , To develop new methods for predicting global minimum of the potential energy function, the project will develop new techniques for enhancing conformational sampling of molecular systems
Theoretical Physics
Computational Biophysics
Bio-Inspired Optimisation
Protein/DNA Dynamics
Causality of Correlated Motions
Molecular Dynamics and Monte Carlo Simulations
Computational Quantum Mechanics Simulations
Journal Articles
H. Kamberaj, Q-Gaussian Swarm Quantum Particle Intelligence on Predicting Global Minimum of Potential Energy Function, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 229, 94-106, 2014.
J. Spiriti, H. Kamberaj, A. de Graff, M.P. Thorpe and A. van der Vaart, DNA bending through large angles is aided by ionic screening, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 8 (6), 2145–2156, 2012.
J. Spiriti, H. Kamberaj and A. van der Vaart, Development and application of enhanced sampling techniques to simulate the long-time scale dynamics of biomolecular systems, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 112, 33-43, 2012.
H. Kamberaj, A Theoretical Model for the Collective Motion of Proteins by Means of Principal Component Analysis, Central European Journal of Physics, 9(1), 96-109, 2011.
H. Kamberaj and A. van der Vaart, Extracting the causality of correlated motions from molecular dynamics simulations, Biophysical Journal, 97(6), 1747-1755, 2009.
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H. Kamberaj, R.J. Low, and M.P. Neal, Correlation between molecular chirality and helical twisting power, A computer simulation study. Molecular Physics, 104(3), 335-357, 2006.
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H. Kamberaj, R.J. Low, and M.P. Neal, Symplectic and time reversible integrators for rigid bodies, System Science, 29(2), 31-45, 2003.
H. Kamberaj and V. Helms, Monte Carlo simulation of biomolecular systems with BIOMCSIM, Computer Physics Communications, 141 (3), 375-402, 2001.
H. Kamberaj, Replica Exchange Using q-Gaussian Swarm Quantum Particle Intelligence Method, American Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology, 1(1), 1-6, 2015
H. Kamberaj, Conformational Sampling Enhancement of Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics Simulations Using Swarm Particle Intelligence, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 143, 124105, 2015.
Conference Papers
H. Kamberaj, R.J. Low and M.P. Neal, Symplectic and time reversible integrators for rigid bodies, 16th Conference on Systems Engineering, ICSE2003, K.J. Burnham and O.C.L. Haas (Editors), Coventry University, Coventry, UK, Vol. 1, 320-325, September 9-11, 2003.
T. Conka-Nurdan, K. Nurdan, F. Constantinescu, B. Freisleben, H. Kamberaj, N.A. Pavel, I. Rauhut, K. Reichmann, A.H. Walenta, Influence of the Detector Parameters on a Compton Camera, IEEE, 22-26, 2001.
Kamberaj, H., Low, R.J. and Neal, M.P. (2003) 9th International Conference on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Molecular structure and helical twisting power, August 24- 29.
Invited Talks
Kamberaj, H., 8th Conference of the Society of Physicists of Republic of Macedonia, Skopje, R. of Macedonia, The role of the correlated motions in biomolecular systems, 23-25 September 2010.
Kamberaj, H. and Sham, Y. (2009) Gordon Conference on Computer aided Drug Design, Tilton, NH, USA. Computational Alanine Scanning of ß-lactamase Inhibitor Protein and TEM-1 ß-lactamase Complex, July 19-24.
Kamberaj, H.,Young Materials Modellers Forum at Daresbury Laboratory, UK (27 May 2004). Symplectic and Time Reversible Integrators for Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Rigid Molecules.
H. Kamberaj, “Mini-Symposium on the Chirality and Nonlinearity in Liquid Crystals, The Rank Prize”, Calculations of Molecular Chirality, UK, 29 November-2 December 2004.
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