Personal Information
Hakan Benli

Department of Food Engineering, Cukurova University, Adana, Turkey

Hakan Benli
From 08/2003 to 08/2008, Doctorate, Ph.D. (Food Science and Technology, Meat Science) , USA
From 09/1997 to 06/2001, Master of Science, M.Sci. (Food Engineering) , Turkey
From 09/1993 to 06/1997, Bachelor's degree (Food Engineering) , Turkey
Work Experiences
From 01/1999 to 08/2003, Research and Teaching Assistant , Cukurova University, Turkey
From 08/2003 to 08/2008, Research and Teaching Assistant , Texas A&M University, USA
From 08/2008 to 01/2012, Dr. Research Assistant (Post Doc) , Cukurova University, Turkey
From 01/2012 , Assistant Professor , Cukurova University, Turkey
From 04/2007 to 04/2008, Reduction of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella Typhimurium on Beef Round Surfaces and in Ground Beef Using a Sequential Spray Application of -Polylysine or Lauric Arginate Followed by Acidic Calcium Sulfat
From 01/2004 to 01/2005, Ozonation as an antimicrobial treatment for natural casing.
From 10/1999 to 10/2001, Determination of changes in physico-chemical properties of persimmon during drying at different temperatures in cabined dryer
From 10/1999 to 10/2001, Determination of drying behaviour and quality parameters during dehydration of apricot in cabined and solar dryer
From 12/2012 to 12/2013, Effects of micro-encapsulation on probiotics and stater cultures used in sucuk production and on some quality characteristics of sucuk
Meat Science and Technology
Processed Meats
Food Safety
Fruit and Vegetable Processing
Keeton J.T., Benli, H., Claflin, A.E. 2008. Carbohydrates, p. 263-279. In L. M. L. Nollet, F. Toldrá (ed.), Handbook of Muscle Food Analysis. CRC Press
Benli, H. 2014. Surface Decontamination Treatments for Improving the Safety of Meat and Poultry. A. Malik et al. (eds.), Food Processing: Strategies for Quality Assessment (in Press, ISBN 978-1-4939-1377-0)
Journal Articles
Akyildiz, A., Ağçam, E., Gürkan, S., Çetinkaya, B., Karaca, E., Benli, H. 2014. Effects of rinsing on residue level of chlorpyrifos ethyl, acetamiprid and penconazole in grapes. Tarım Bilimleri Dergisi – Journal of Agricultural Sciences 20:112-119
Njongmeta N.L.A., Benli H., Dunkley K. D., Dunkley C. S., Miller D.R., Anderson R.C., O’Bryan C. A., Keeton J.T., Crandall P. G., Ricke S.C. 2011. Application of Acidic Calcium Sulfate and ε-polylysine to Pre-rigor Beef Rounds for Reduction of Pathogens. Journal of Food Safety 31:395-400
Benli H., Sanchez-Plata, M.X., Keeton J.T. 2011.Efficacy of -polylysine, lauric Arginate, or acidic calcium sulfate applied sequentially for salmonella reduction on membrane filters and chicken carcasses. Journal of Food Protection 74:743-750
Benli H., Hafley B.S., Keeton J.T., Lucia L.M., Cabrera-Diaz E., Acuff G.R. 2008. Biomechanical and microbiological changes in natural hog casings treated with ozone. Meat Science 79:155-162.
Akyıldız A., Kıroğlu Zorlugenç, F., Benli H., Aksay S., Fenercioğlu H. 2008. Changes in Color and Total Phenolic Content of Different Cultivars of Persimmon during Dehydration. International Journal of Food Engineering 4 (7) : Art.9
Benli H., Fenercioglu H., 2005. Effects of Filling Liquids and Storage Conditions on Canned Pomegranates (in Turkish). Gida 30 (1): 49-54
Akyildiz A., Aksay S., Benli H., Kiroglu F., Fenercioglu H., 2004. Determination of changes in some characteristics of persimmon during dehydration at different temperatures. Journal of Food Engineering 65:95-99.
Conference Papers
Benli, H., Ağçam E., Geçgel D., Küçük, A., Sıpçık D.P., Kardeş, İ., Ak, M., Kayran, Ö., Emir, S., Korhan, V. 2014. Effects of marinating techniques and times on some quality parameters of Turkish style marinated chicken breasts. 4. Traditional Foods Symposium 17-19 Nisan, Adana
Benli, H. 2012. Methods used for the surface decontamination of poultry carcasses (in Turkish). 2nd Meat Products Workshop “Processed Poultry Meat Products” December 6 – 7th Manisa, Turkey.
Benli, H., Sanchez-Plata, M.X., Ilhak, O.I., Keeton J.T. 2011. Reduction of Salmonella contamination on poultry carcasses with sequential application of decontamination solutions (in Turkish). 7th Food Engineering Congress November 24 – 26th , Ankara, Turkey.”
Benli H., Gomes C. L., Kakani G., Chmielewski G., Sanchez M.X., Keeton J.T. 2008. Effectiveness of various combinations of acidified calcium sulfate, -polylysine and lauramide arginine ethyl ester for decontamination of Salmonella spp. on poultry carcasses. Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo June 28th – July 1st, New Orleans, LA
Claflin A.E., Benli H., Keeton J.T. 2006. Enhancing the safety and health of meat products (presented by Dr. J.T. Keeton). Gwangju International Food Industry Fair 2006, International Symposium on Health and Safety. Biofood Research Center, Chonnam National University, Korea
Benli H., Hafley B., Keeton J.T., Acuff G.R. 2005. Effects of ozonation on strength and color of natural hog casing (Poster). International Congress of Meat Science and Technology August 7-12th, Baltimore, Maryland
Akyildiz A., Aksay S., Benli H., Kiroglu F., Fenercioglu H., Soysal Y., Ertekin S., 2003, Drying behaviour and determination of quality parameters of apricot in cabin dryer and solar dryer (in Turkish). GAP 3rd Agricultural Congress, 2-3rd October 2003, Şanlıurfa, Turkey.
Honors and Awards
Third Place, in Graduate Student Paper Competition, Muscle Foods Division, IFT 2008
Intercollegiate Graduate Faculty of Food Science and Technology Travel Award (IFT), Texas A&M University, 2008
FSTC Academic Excellence Scholarship Award, Intercollegiate Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Texas A&M University, 2007
FSTC Academic Excellence Scholarship Award, Intercollegiate Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Texas A&M University, 2006
Intercollegiate Graduate Faculty of Food Science and Technology Travel Award (ICoMST), Texas A&M University, 2005
Graduate Education Abroad Scholarship (Ph.D.), Turkish Higher Education Council, 2003
Received his Baccalaureate degree with an honor for his top grade point ratio in the Department of Food Engineering,1997
Received his Baccalaureate degree with an honor for his second top grade point ratio in the College of Agriculture (consists of 10 departments),1997
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