Personal Information
Ouahmiche Ghania

Department of Human Sciences and Islamic Civilisation, University of Oran, Algeria, Algeria

Ouahmiche Ghania
From 2008 to 2013, PhD in English (Sociolinguistics) , Algeria
From 2007 to 2012, PhD in French (Didactics and Language Sciences) , Algeria
From 2005 to 2008, Magister in English (Sociolinguistics) , Algeria
From 2005 to 2007, Magister in French (Language Sciences) , Algeria
From 1994 to 1998, Licence (BA) in English Language , Algeria
From 2001 to 2005, Licence (BA) in French Language and Literature , Algeria
From 1999 to 2000, Baccalaureate in Sciences , Algeria
From 1994 to 1995, Baccalaureate in Sciences , Algeria
Work Experiences
From 1998 to Today, Teacher at University of Oran1 , University of Oran1
From 2001 to 2005, National Project (CNEPRU) A comparative study of the syntactic structures of French and Arabic , To help learners to exploit their interlanguage, the project identfies the convegences and divergences between the Arabic and French syntactic systems
From 2005 to 2008, National Project (CNEPRU) Quranic discourse analysis through iterativity and thematic dissemination , To demonstrate the coherent aspect of the Quran, the project shows the inter-relations between the different parts of the Quran
From 2008 to 2011, National Project (CNEPRU) Orientalism and Quranic studies: the case of Michel Cuypers' exegesis of the Quran , To show the mismatch in Michel Cuypers' reasoning, the project wil reveal the paradoxal nature of the semitic rhetorics
From 2014 to 2017, National Project (CNEPRU) Reflections of the Stylistic Problems of Quran Translation , To identify the problems of translating the Quran (English/French/Arabic), the project will analyse some translations
From 2016 to 2020, National Project (CNEPRU): ESP at The Algerian University: Didactic and Pedagogic Issues in Question. , To demonstrate the challenges of ESP at Algerian universities, the project will undertake empirical studies on different populations at different Algerian Universities
From 2008 to 2013, National Research Program (PNR): “Elaboration of a Textile Dictionary French/Arabic”. , National Research Program (PNR): “Elaboration of a Textile Dictionary French/Arabic”.
Teaching Foreign Languages
Language Sciences
Teaching Phonetics and Phonology
Contact Linguistics
Teaching the pronunciation of English and French
English For Specific Purposes
French For Specific Purposes
Arabic Linguistics
Quranic Studies
Journal Articles
« Lexical innovation in an Algerian dialect of Arabic : a case study » (1999), Cahiers de Linguistique et Didactique, 46-59.
“The Castle of Beni Rachid: linguistic and historical perspectives” (2003), The Algerian Revue of Manuscripts, 1-10.
“Language change or the language of change: evidence from lexical variation” (2006), Revue des Langues & Didactique (3), 69-85.
“Les valeurs temporelles et modales du verbe dans la langue Arabe: perspectives comparatives” (2006), Revue de Traduction & Didactique (5).
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“Adaptive linguistic changes and ecolinguistic structures: some processes of language dynamics within an Algerian dialect” (2008), Revue de Traduction & Langues (7), 23-32.
“Preliminaries on the structural aspects of a spoken variety” (2009), Revue de Traduction& Langues (8), 93-108.
“How to make sense of codes in plurilingual settings: multiple choices or rational decision making?” (2010), Revue de Traduction & Langues (9), 105-122.
“Matrix Language Approaches to Classic Code-Switching: the MLF and the 4-M under scrutiny” (2011), Revue de Traduction & Langues (10), 138-155.
« Approches et concepts dans la linguistique de contact: quelle place attribuée à la grammaticalité et la cognition? » (2012), Revue de « Histoire des Idées Linguistiques » HIL (2), 7-24.
« Vers l’élaboration d’un questionnaire sur les stratégies d’apprentissage de la prononciation du français » (2012), Revue de Traduction & Langues (11), 200-221.
« Borrowing adaptation routines in Oran Arabic » (2013), Revue de Traduction & Langues (12), 15-28.
«Les Soubassements Théoriques/ Hypothétiques de l’Interlangue Phonologique “Interphonologie”» (2013), Revue Histoire des Idées Linguistiques HIL (3), 60-73.
« La Séquentialité dans le Parler Bilingue Algérien : quelques procédés conversationnels productifs dans les codes mixtes », (2014), Revue de Traduction & Langues (13) ,7-26.
« Voices of Errancy, Spaces of Silence and Traces of writing in the narratives of Fadia Faqir, Leila Aboulela and Assia Djebar”,2015, IJAES (15).
“Thirdness and its bearings on students’ views of the ‘Other’: tying the knot between the literary and the intercultural” (2015), Revue de Traduction & Langues (14), 9-27. (Co-author: Boughouas Lemya).
“Concordancing Technology: a High-tech Philosophy towards Boosting Students’ Writing Ability”, (2016), Revue du Progrès (4), 143-157. (Co-author: Boughouas Lemya).
“Stratégies d’écriture au Secondaire Algérien : conscientisation et conceptualisation”, (2016), Revue du Progrès (6), (Co-author: Kandsi Abdelli).
“L'intérêt de L'approche Paysagiste pour La Didactique des Langues étrangères: l'apprentissage de la composante phonique du Français en contexte Algérien”, (2011), Acts of the 9th International Conference organised by the Laboratory of Translation and Methodology (8-9) December, 5-9, 2010, 17-35.
Caractéristiques et Particularités du Coran Entre Structure et Texture, (2016), Algerian Review of Manuscripts (14).
Conference Papers
« La Dissémination et L’itération comme Procédés de Déconstruction : l’inimitabilité de la narration Coranique au cœur des espaces textuels »,International Conference « Espace et Sujet : inscription, construction et motivation », organised at Oran February,2009. 24-26.
« Rhetoric structures in the Quranic discourse : towards a new approach of interpretaion», International Confernce « Langues et Analyse du discours », organise at Oran. April, 2009. 18-19.
« L’orientalisme et les Sciences Coraniques : le cas de l’exégèse du Coran par Michel Cuypers », National Conference on « Les Orientalistes et l’investigation de l’héritage Arabe », organised at Oran University, June, 9-10, 2010.
« La Méthodologie de Recherche en Phonétique : de la construction du corpus aux questionnaires », Journées d’étude Franco-Algériennes en Sciences du Langage, Sciences Littéraires et Didactique « Méthodologie de la Recherche », organise at Oran. May,2012. 28-29.
«Innovative Perspectives in teaching French pronunciation to non-native speakers of French», International Conference on Language, Literature and Translation “Power to connect in a changing world”, held from 22-25 April 2014, Amman, Jordan.
“Reflections on the linguistic landscape and English language teaching in Algeria, International Confernce«The Visibility of Plurilingualism in the Transformation Process in the Maghreb»,September 2014. 20-22.
« Rhetoric structures in the Quranic discourse: towards a new approach of interpretaion or interpolation ? », International Confernce « Les Horizons des Discours entre Analyse Linguistique et interprétation sémiotique », organised at Oran,November 2014. 11-13.
« Les Fatwas des Juristes au sujet de l’émigration des moresques en Algérie revisitées », III journées hispano-Algériennes « Au-delà des frontières : l’Algérie en Espagne et l’Espagne en Algérie », December 2014. 1-4 .
« A Critical Investigation of Gender Representation and Role in Visual Discourse of Secondary School Education English Language Textbooks», International Conference “Women, Empowerment, Citizenship and Development, organised at Mostaganem University in collaboration with CASAW ( Manchester University), Novembre 2015. 2-4
« Voices of Errancy, Voices of Silence and Voices of writing in the narratives of Fadia Faqir, Leila Aboulela and Assia Djebar, Fifth International Conference of the Association of Professors of English and Translation at Arab Universities (APETAU) in Collaboration with Arab Open University (AOU), November 2015. 14-16.
Reconceptualizing Classroom Dynamics in Algerian University EFL Practices: towards an understanding of collaboration problems to scaffold graduate students’ writing abilities, The First Maghreb Conference and Exhibition on Teaching and Learning EFL: Rethinking the English Language in the Maghreb: Prospects and Perspectives, organised at Ouargla. February 2016. 16-17.
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