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Personal Information
Sergey Yatsenko

Department of the History and Theory of Culture, Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russia

Sergey Yatsenko
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From 1999 to 2002, Post Doctoral , Russia
From 1983 to 1986, Doctorate , Soviet Union
Work Experiences
From 2005 to present day, Professor , Russian State University for the Humanities
From 2002 to 2005, associate professor , Russian State University for the Humanities
From 1999 to 2002, senior lecturer , Russian State University for the Humanities
Costume of the Ancient Eurasia (the Iranian-Speaking Peoples), Moscow: Vostochnaya literatura, 2006, 5-02-018495-0, Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
Tamga-Signs of Iranian-Speaking Peoples of Antiquity and Early Middle Ages, Vostochnaya literatura, 5-02-018212-5, Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
Art and Culture of the Ancient Iranians (the Great Steppe, Iranian Plateau, the Central Asia). A Textbook, RSUH Publ., 5-7281-0415-0, Stavisky B.Ya, Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
Eastern Turkestan in the Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (Vol. IV). Architecture. Art. Costume (Ed. by B.A. Litvinsky), Vostochnaya literatura, 5-02-018001-7, Yatsenko S.A. et all. (in Russian)
Nomadic Pathways in Social Evolution (Ed. by Kradin N.N., Bondarenko D.M., Barfield T.J.), Institute of African Studies, RAS, 13: 978-0994032560, Yatsenko S.A. et all.
Mongolian Empire and the Nomadic World, Part 3, B.V. Bazarov et all. (Ed.), Buryat Scientific Center, RAS,978-5-7925-0308-3, Yatsenko S.A. et all. (in Russian)
Marking Systems: A Preliminary Survey (Ed. By J. Evans Pim, S.A. Yatsenko, O.Т. Perrin), Dunkling Books, 978-0-9563478-1-7, Yatsenko S.A. et all.
Elite in the History of the Ancient and the Early Medieval Peoples of Eurasia, P.K. Dashkovsky (ed.), Altai University Publ.,978-5-7904-1997-3, Yatsenko S.A. et all. (in Russian)
Archaeological Approaches to Shamanism. Mind-Body, Nature, and Culture (Ed. by D. Gheorghiu, E. Pásztor, H. Bender, G. Nash), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 13: 978-1-5275-0007-5, Yatsenko S.A. et all.
Journal Articles
Sogdians in the Chinese Art of the Early Tang Dynasty: the Criteria of Identification (Sogdiitsy v iskusstve Kitaya nachala dinastii Tan: kriterii identifikatsii), Articult, RSUH, 2227-6165, Vol. 29, 2018, pp. 35-40, Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
Décor of the 8th-century Turkic Rulers’ Residence in the Citadel of Kulan Town, The Silk Road, Silk Road Foundation, Vol. 15, 2017, pp. 65-82, Akylbek S.Sh., Smagulov E.A., Yatsenko S.A.
Golden Plate from Wusun Grave in the Grotto of Kargaly Gorge (Zolotaia plastina iz usun’skogo pograbaniya v grote ushchelia Kargaly), Istoriia i arkheologiia Semerechya, Margulan Institute od Archaeology, 978-601-7106-28-7, Vol. 5, 2017, pp. 143-155, Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
On Study of Planigraphy of the Barrow Necropolises of the Late Sarmatian Time (K izucheniyu planigrafii kurgannykh mogil’nikov pozdensarmatskogo vremeni), Stratum Plus, Scholl of Cultural Studies, 1857-3533, 2016, No 4, pp. 69-90, Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
The Probable Sworn Brothers in the Nomadic Sarmatian Necropolises of the Lower Don Basin (Predpologaemya voiny-pobratimy v kochevykh sarmatskikh necropoliakh Nozhnego Dona), Novoe Proshloe / New Past, South Federal University, 2500-3224, 2016, No 3, pp. 30-39, Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
On Planigraphy of the Elite Necropolises and the Elite Parts of Necropolises of the Early Nomads of Steppe (O planirovke elitarnykh nekropolei i elitnykh uchastkov v nekropoliakh rannikh kochevnikov Stepi), Materials in Archaeology and History of Ancient Medieval Crimea, Nizhnevartovsk State University, 2219-8857, Vol. 8, 2016, pp. 46-75, Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
The Ancient Tamga-Signs of Southeast Kazakhstan and Their Owners: the Route from East to West in the 2nd Century BCE – the 2nd Century CE, The Silk Road, Silk Road Foundation, 2152-7237, Vol. 13, 2015, pp. 109-125, Rogozhinskii A.E., Yatsenko S.A.
On Some Aspects of the Military Organization of the Early Nomads of European Steppe (O nekotorykh storonakh voennoi organizatsii drevnikh kocevnikov evropeiski Stepi), Znanie. Umenie. Ponimanie, Moscow Univ. of Humanities, 1998-9873, 2015, No 1, pp. 171-182, Yatsenko S.A. Vdovchenkov E.V. (in Russian)
New Series of the Clan Signs on the Pre-Islamic Pottery of Sidak and Turkestan on the Middle Syrdarya (Novye serii znakov na doislamskoi keramike Sidaka i Turkestana na Srednei Syrdarie), IICAS Bulletin, IICAS UNESCO, 1694-5794, Vol. 19, 2014, pp. 47-67, Smagulov E.A., Yatsenko S.A. (in Russian)
Images of the Early Turks in Chinese Burial Wall Painting and Figurines (from the Barrow Tombs Discovered Recently in Mongolia), The Silk Road, Silk Road Foundation, 2152-7237, Vol. 12, 2014, pp. 15-24, Yatsenko S.A.
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