Personal Information
Erhan Eser

Department of Physics, Gazi University, Ankara, Polatli, Turkey

Erhan Eser
From 2006 to 2010, Doctorate , Turkey
Nuclear Physics
Mathematical Calculation Methods
Journal Articles
E. Eser and H. Koc, “Full analytical evaluation of the line shift and line width of ions in solids for Raman processes”. Luminescence DOI:10.1002/bio.3431
M.H. Bölükdemir, H. Koç and E. Eser, “An approach to calculate thermophysical properties of copper compounds in CuCl hydrogen production cycle”. Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 112: 258-261 (2018).
H. Koç, B. A. Mamedov and E. Eser, “A general formula for calculation of the two-dimensional Franck-Condon Factors”. Canadian Journal of Physics 95(4): 340-345 (2017).
E. Eser and H. Koc, “Investigations of temperature dependences of electrical resistivity and specific heat capacity of metals”, Physica B: Condensed Matter 492: 7-10 (2016).
H. Koc and E. Eser, “Estimation of the Heat Capacity of CdTe Semiconductor”, Modern Physics Letters B 30: 1650026 (2016).
E. Eser, H. Koc, M. Gokbulut, G. Gursoy, “Estimations of heat capacities for actinide dioxide: UO2, NpO2, ThO2, and PuO2”, Nuclear Engineering and Technology 46 (6): 863-868 (2014).
M. Gokbulut, H. Koc, E. Eser, I. Yigitoglu and B. A. Mamedov, “Investigations of the density distributions of 208Pb with the Thomas-Fermi method”, Modern Physics Letters A 28 (23): 1350108 (2013).
E. Eser, H. Koç and B.A. Mamedov, “Use of the integer and non-integer n-dimensional Debye functions in computing thermal expansivity, with applications to Si and Ge semiconductors”, Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, 73: 35-38 (2012)
H. Koç, E. Eser and B. A. Mamedov, “Calculation of heat capacity of the nuclear fuels UO2 and NpO2 using integer and noninteger n-dimensional Debye functions”, Nuclear Engineering and Design 241 (9): 3678-3682 (2011)
Ş. Okuducu, N.N. Aktı, E. Eser, “The theoretical nuclear level density parameters of some deformed target radioisotopes 181-187W and 196-204Hg used on the accelerator-driven systems”, Annals of Nuclear Energy 38: 1769-1774 (2011)
E. Eser, H. Koç, B.A. Mamedov, and I.M. Askerov, “Estimation of the heat capacity of some semiconductors compounds using n-dimensional Debye functions”, International Journal of Theormophysics 32: 2163–2169 (2011)
S. Sönmezoglu, Ş. Okuducu and E. Eser, “Investigation of the symmetry properties and level density parameters of some superdeformed light even even nuclei”, Annals of Nuclear Energy 37: 1735-1741 (2010)
E. Eser, I.M. Askerov and B.A. Mamedov, “Calculation of the Debye-Waller Factor of crystals using the n dimensional Debye function involving the binomial coefficients and incomplete gamma functions”, Hyperfine Interactions 194: 381-389 (2009)
B.A. Mamedov, E. Eser, H. Koç and I.M. Askerov, “Accurate evaluation of the specific heat capacity of solids and its applications to MgO and ZnO crystals”, International Journal of Theormophysics 30: 1048-1054 (2009)
Ş. Okuducu, S. Sönmezoglu and E. Eser, “On the Calculation of Nuclear Level Density Parameters of Some Deformed Light Nuclei Using Collective Excitation Modes”, Physical Review C 74: 034317 (2006)
Ş. Okuducu, E. Eser and S. Sönmezoglu, “Analysis of the Nuclear Level Density Parameters of Some Large Deformed Odd-A and Odd-Odd Nuclei in the Region of Rare-Earth Elements”, Nuclear Science and Engineering 154 (3): 374-381 (2006) (From M.E. Dissertation)
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