Personal Information
Danijela Spasić

Department of Criminalistics, University of Criminalistics and Police Studies, Belgrade, Zemun, Serbia

Danijela Spasić
From 10/2008 to 05/2014, Doctorate , Serbia
Work Experiences
From 11/1993 to 05/2018, researcher/teaching assistant/professor , University of Criminalistic and Police Studies
From 10/2011 to 10/2012, Violence in schools and its preventing and combating
From 12/2012 to 12/2014, Violence in Serbia - the causes, forms, consequences and social reaction
From 03/2011 to 05/2012, Gender equality and gender-based violence
From 10/2009 to 03/2011, The fight against sexual and gender-based violence
From 10/2016 to 03/2017, The analysis of the misuse of weapons and impact on gender-based violence through civil action and public policy advocacy
From 10/2015 to 05/2016, Establishing sustainable practices preventive work and a partnership operation in protecting women and children from domestic violence
police sciences
Spasic, D., “Characteristics of Domestic Violence in Serbia”, Belgrade: Andrejevic Foundation, 2009, p.80.
Journal Articles
Danijela Spasic, Sladjana Djuric, Zorica Mrsevic (2015). Survival in an “all boys club”: Policewomen in Serbia. Women’s Studies International Forum, Volume 48, January–February 2015, Pages 57–70. doi:10.1016/j.wsif.2014.10.008
Spasic, D., Djuric, S., Kesetovic, Z. (2013). Community Policing and Local Self-Government: A Case Study of Serbia. Lex Localis - Journal of Local Self-Government, 11(3), p. 293-309. DOI 10.4335/11.3.293-309(2013)
Spasic, D. (2009). “Gender Dimension of Education in Serbia”, Pedagogy, Forum of Pedagogues of Serbia and Montenegro, no.4/09, pp. 534-553. Vol.64.
Spasić. D., Victims of Domestic Violence in Serbia, (2010). NBP - Journal of Criminalistics and Law, Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies, Belgrade, Editors: Prof. Dr Djordje Djordjevic, Prof. Dr Ljiljana Maskovic, 3/10, pp. 77-92, Vol. 15,
Spasić. D., Modern Family (2010). Social Thought – magazine for theory and critique of social ideas and practice, no.4/10, vol. XVII, pp. 175-185.
Spasic, Danijela, Radovanovic, Ivana (2012). “Violence as Criminological Phenomenon – Theoretical Framework”, NBP - Journal of Criminalistics and Law, Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies, Belgrade, 2012, Vol. XVII, No. 2, pp. 137-150.
Spasic, D. (2012) Domestic Violence in Serbia – Historical-Cultural Dimension, Security, 2/12, pp. 205-219.
Conference Papers
Spasic, D., Lajic, O. (2015). Community policing in Serbia ten years after: between tradition and democracy. In: Ksenija Butorac (ed.) Proceedings of IV International Scientific and Professional Conference ”Police College Research Days in Zagreb” (pp. 554-572). Zagreb, Croatia
Lajic, O., Spasic, D., Radovanovic, I. (2015). Drug addiction and narco-crimes - between numbers and reality. International Scientific Conference 2015 titled “RESEARCHING SECURITY - APPROACHES, CONCEPTS AND POLICIES” - Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia, June 2-3rd 2015 (Book of abstracts, p. 26)
Spasic, D., Vuckovic, G. (2013). Police Culture and Process of Integrating Women in the Police. Milosevic, G. (ed.). Thematic Proceedings of International Significance Archibald Reiss Days, Vol. I, pp. 249-258. Belgrade: Academy of Criminalistic and Police Studies.
Spasic, D. (2012). „Gender mainstreaming in the security sector in Serbia”, International scientific conference “Security and euroatlantic perspectives of the Balkans: police science and police profession (states and perspectives), Ohrid, Macedonia, In chief Cane Mojanoski, pp. 605-618, (Tom II)
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