Personal Information
Cigdem Cavdaroglu

Department of Research and Development, KocSistem, Isik University, Istanbul, Turkey

Cigdem Cavdaroglu
From 2006 to 2013, Remote Sensing and GIS, Ph.D. , Turkey
From 2003 to 2006, Remote Sensing and GIS, Master's Degree , Turkey
From 1998 to 2003, Mathematics Engineering , Turkey
Work Experiences
From 2016 , Instructor , Isik University
From 2015 , STG Technical Reviewer , Itea Board
From 2013 , R&D Project Manager , KocSistem Research and Development Center
From 2011 to 2013, Research and Development Engineer , Proline Integrated Intelligence
From 2010 to 2011, Software Development Team Leader , Nevotek The IP Convergence Company
From 2009 to 2010, Software Application Specialist , Softtech A.S.
From 2007 to 2009, Software Specialist , Teknoloji Holding
From 2004 to 2007, Software Specialist , Sampas Co.
From 2003 to 2004, Software Specialist , Borat Digital Mapping Systems
From 2017 , PIANiSM , PIANiSM aims at putting together predictive and prescriptive maintenance techniques in order to achieve an end-to-end automated manufacturing process and optimize end-to-end manufacturing value chains. To disrupt traditional maintenance processes in manufacturing environments, a sophisticated system is required. This system will cover a wide range of domains such as data science, machine learning, analytics, simulation, real-time processing. PIANiSM will provide related missing analytics techniques and algorithms, introduce new generation data identification & integration & modeling processes, and try to put standards in order to enable more flexible and applicable solutions for manufacturers.
From 2016 , MOS2S , The MOS2S project aims to develop and test audiovisual Smart City technologies addressing the needs of its inhabitants, and embed these solutions in a dedicated Smart City Playground. This playground provides a venue platform as stepping stone towards a full Smart City Operating System, and the support of proof-of-concepts and trials. As such, the playground has the unique potential to accelerate the creation and market introduction of new unique Smart City applications, based on a range of sensors and datasets, to improve profitability, sustainability, safety and customer experience.
From 2016 , Gas Cylinder Paint Quality Control System , The empty gas cylinders collected from the customers are painted before refilling if necessary. In the current state, operators decide refilling operation and if necessary the gas cylinders are directed to the painting cabin. This project aims at developing a system which can detect the painting necessity automatically. The system will check the gas cylinders surfaces in real-time, direct based on the result, and report the painting status of the gas cylinders. The gas cylinders surfaces will be analyzed by using 360 degree image processing algorithms. This system will reduce labor and paint costs, prevent human errors, and ensure a consistency for the detection of the painting quality.
From 2015 , INSIST , The INSIST project proposes an integration of these sensorbased systems into a wider perspective by developing a smart connected ecosystem for public spaces, where the sensor data provided by the different INSIST sensor systems can be efficiently used for not only the proprietary infrastructure services but also to offer value added services based on data fusion from multiple sensor systems in the business areas of smart lighting, surveillance, traffic management, advertising and atmosphere, business intelligence and building management. INSIST builds upon previous projects in the security and safety domain such as CANTATA and ViCoMo. The building blocks from previous projects have reached a degree of maturity that allows us to add this next step in INSIST by integrating quantifiable data from multiple sources into models, workflow support and evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency.
From 2013 to 2015, Pixage Hospitality , IPTV is a system which broadcasts tv services by internet protocol instead of traditional satellite signals and cabled tv formats on the network. IPTV defined as multi environment systems such as tv/video/sound/text/graphics/data which are distributed through IP-based networks. These systems require an efficient service quality, experience, security, interaction and reliability. IPTV services can be categorized in 3 groups: (1) online tv broadcast (2) time-based tv broadcast (3) video on demand. Traditional IPTV solutions consist of (1) tv head-end (2) vod server (3) interactive portal (4) distibution network (5) set-top box (6) tv unit. This project aims at developing a system which does not require a set-top box and provides all functionalities by the softwares run on the smart tvs.
Geographical Information Systems
Mapping Systems
Data Structures and Algorithms
Location Based Application Development
Remote Sensing
Image Processing
Journal Articles
'A novel approach to automatic detection of interest points in multiple facial images', International Journal of Environment and Geoinformatics JF - Journal JO, 2148-9173, 4, 2, 2017, 116-127, B. Bayram, C. Cavdaroglu, D.Z. Seker, S. Kulur
'Processing of Traffic Density Map Images Using Image Processing Techniques', Academic Platform-Journal of Engineering and Science JF - Journal JO, 2147-4575, 5, 2, 2017, 22-28, C. Cavdaroglu
'An Efficient Algotihm For Automatic Tumor Detection in Cotrast Enhanced Breast MRI by Using Artificial Neural Network (NEUBREA)', Neural Network World, 1210-0552, 23, 2013, 483-498, Bayram B., Koca H.K., Narin B., Cavdaroglu G.C., Celik L., Acar U., et al.
'Facial Interest Points and Regions', YTU Sigma Journal of Engineering and Natural Sciences, 1304-7191, 31, 2, 2013, 246-261, C. Cavdaroglu
Conference Papers
'The Future of Industry: Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence', Industry 4.0, 4.2017, Istanbul, Turkey, Istanbul Sehir University
'A New Layer in GIS: Local Dynamic Map', Remote Sensing and GIS Symposium, 2016, Adana, Turkey, UZAL
'The Key Role of the Smart Traffic Applications in the Smart City Systems', International Conference on Advances in Science, 2016, Istanbul, Turkey, ICAS
'Implementing Image Processing Methods on Traffic Density Map Images', 4th International Symposium on Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Science, 2016, Antalya, Turkey, Academic Platform
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'Emotion and Activity Modeling Through Semantic Web Infrastructure', Turkish National Software Engineering Symposium, 2014, Guzelyurt, KKTC, ODTU METU
'Speed Management At Bends Using LDM', Intelligent Transporation Systems 2014, Helsinki, Finland, ITS
'Map Based Intersection Collision Avodiance System', Intelligent Transporation Systems 2014, Helsinki, Finland, ITS
Honors and Awards
Entrepreneurship Award, 2013
TUBITAK National Scholarship Programme for PhD Students
TUBITAK 1512 Entrepreneurship Programme
Invited Talks
C. Cavdaroglu, R&D Projects in the Industry, University Industry Collaboration IEEE Marmara Region Meeting, Doğuş University, 2016, Istanbul, Turkey
C. Cavdaroglu, Image Processing Using OpenCV Library on Android Platform, Android Developer Days, 2016, Ankara, Turkey
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