Personal Information
Bachir Bouhania

Department of English, University of Adrar, Adrar, Algeria

Bachir Bouhania
1999-2007, Ph.D, University of Oran, Algeria
1994-1999, MPhil, University of Oran, Algeria
1989-1993, BA, University of Oran, Algeria
1985-1989, Sciences Baccalaurate, Lycée Lotfi, Oran, Algeria
Work Experiences
From 10/2012 to 12/2013, Vice Dean , University of Adrar
2010.06-2013.06, Teaching English in Southern Algeria, National research programmes (PNR)
Communication Theory
Bouhania, B. Touat Spoken Arabic: Dialectology and Sociolinguistics, Dar Ebn Batota-Amman, Jordan 2012. ISBN 978-9957-517-82-3
Journal Articles
Bouhania, B. Touat Women’s Idiosyncratic Recitation of the Quran. The Social and Human Sciences Review 27:09-30, Algeria, December 2012.
Bouhania, B. Les parlers arabes du Touat: approche sociolinguistique. El-Hakika 20:35-50, March 2012
Bouhania, B. Le Touat pluriglossique ou plurilingue: Approche sociolinguistique. Cahiers de Linguistique et Didactique 4:243-266, 2011
Bouhania, B. Phonological Contrast between q and g in Touat Spoken Arabic. El Hiwar El-Fikrie 10:49-60, 2011
Bouhania, B. Assessing the Ethno-/Sociolinguistic Vitality of Arabic, French, and Zenete in the Touat”. Cahiers de Linguistique et Didactique 3:59-83, 2010
Bouhania, B.The Application of CAT and SAT to an Arabic Diglossic Situation: The Local Radio of Adrar. Philologia 6:33-43, 2008
Bouhania, B. The Anthropological Role of Arabic Sociolinguistics: the Touat Speech Community as an Example”; Alizés 30:165-180 , 2008
Bouhania, B. Some remarks on the Topography of the Touat Area. El-Hakika 11:18-28, March 2008
Bouhania, B. Are /q/ and /g/ Standard or Prestige Variants in Touat Arabic (AZRA)?. La Revue Maghrébine des Langues 5 :383-409, 2007
Bouhania, B. Langue Arabe et dialectes du Touat : Approche Sociolinguistique. Les Annales du Patrimoine 6, June 2006
Bouhania, B. Comparing Language Use and Attitudes to Language between Oran and Adrar Arabic Speakers. RML 3:277-287, 2005
Bouhania, B. Lexical Borrowing in Adrar Arabic. El-Hakika 1:05-11, October 2002
Bouhania, B. Preliminary Phonetic Description of the Contrast between [q] and [g] in Adrar Arabic. RML1:71-79, 2002
Bouhania, B. Contact-induced Phonological Contrast between /q/ and /g/. Alizès 37. 2013
Conference Papers
'SouthAlgerian EFL Learners' Errors', in European Conference on Language Learning, July-09, 2014, Brighton, UK, organized by IAFOR
2010, Assciate Professor, Department of English, University of Adrar, Algeria
2007-2010, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Univeristy of Adrar, Algeria
2000-2007, Senior Lecturer, Department of English, University of Adrar, Algeria
1999-2000, Assitant Lecturer, Department of English, University of Adrar, Algeria
1997-1999, Assistant Teacher, Department of English, University of Adrar, Algeria
1996-1997, Associate Teacher, Department of Chemical Industry,Université des Sciences et de la Technologie d’Oran, Algeria
1994-1997, Associate Teacher, University of Continued Formation, Oran, Algeria
1994-1995, Associate Teacher, Department of Chemistry, University of Oran, Algeria
Editorial board member, El-Hakika Review
Paper Reviewer
Reviewer of the Social Sciences Review (SciencePG), USA
Reviewer of the Human and Social Sciences Reviewn University of Batna
Reviewer of El-Hakika Review, Uniersity of Adrar
Reviewer of El-Hiwar el-Fikrie, Laboratory on Human and Social Sciences, University of Adrar
Reviewer of Rufuf, Laboratory ofn West African Manuscripts, University of Adrar
Reviewer of Expression, University of Constantine1
2000.09-2013.12, Sociolinguistics
2000.09-2013.12, Phonology
2000.09-2005.09, Phonetics
2010.09-2013.01, Discourse typology
2012.11-2013.06, General Linguistics
2000.09-2010.09, Oral expression
2000.09-2010.09, Listening comprehension
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