Personal Information
Arshad Ali

College of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Arshad Ali
From 09/2014 to 09/2018, PhD in Ecology , China
From 09/2012 to 07/2014, Master's in Ecology , China
From 09/2006 to 09/2010, BS in Forestry , Pakistan
Work Experiences
From 07/2012 to Present, Research Fellow , Tiantong National Forest Ecosystem Observations and Research Station, Ningbo 315114, Zhejiang, China
From 05/2011 to 07/2012, Project Manager , Resource Organization for Advancement and Development (ROAD-NGO) Pakistan
From 10/2010 to 05/2011, Social Organizer , Interfaith League Aganist Poverty (I-LAP-NGO) Pakistan
Plant functional ecology
Forest biomass and carbon sequestration
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning (BEF)
Journal Articles
Ali, A*., Ma, W.J., Yang, X.D., Sun, B.W., Shi, Q.R. & Xu, M.S. (2014) Biomass and carbon stocks in Schima superba dominated subtropical forests of eastern China. Journal of Forest Science, 60, 198-207.
Yang, X.D., Zhang, X.N., Lv, G.H*. & Ali, A. (2014) Linking Populus euphratica hydraulic redistribution to diversity assembly in the arid desert zone of Xinjiang, China. PloS ONE 9(10): e109071. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0109071.
Ma, W.J., Zhao, Y.T., Zhang, Q.Q., Ali, A., Shi, Q.R. & Yan, E.R*. (2014) Successional dynamics of litter biomass and C, N and P pools among different decomposed layers in evergreen broad-leaved forests in Tiantong region, Zhejiang Province. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, 38, 833-842.
Sun, B.W., Yang, X.D., Zhang, Z.H., Ma, W.J., Ali, A., Huang, H.X. & Yan, E.R*. (2013) Relationships between soil carbon pool and vegetation carbon return through succession of evergreen broad-leaved forests in Tiantong region, Zhejiang Province, Eastern China. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, 37, 803-810.
Yang, X.D., Yan, E.R*., Zhang, Z.H., Sun, B.W., Huang, H.X., Ali, A., Ma, W.J. & Shi, Q.R. (2013) Tree architecture of overlapping species among successional stages in evergreen broad-leaved forests in Tiantong region, Zhejiang Province, China. Chinese Journal of Plant Ecology, 37, 611-619
Honors and Awards
Gold Medal in BS Forestry from Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Pakistan
Certificate of Excellence in MS Ecology from East China Normal University, Shanghai
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