Personal Information
Teodor Rusu

Department of Technical and Soil Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca, Manastur, Romania

Teodor Rusu
From 10/1996 to 9/2001, Doctorate , Romania
Work Experiences
From 10/1993 to 9/1996, Soil Science , Office of Pedological and Agrochemical Studies Cluj
From 10/1996 to 2014, Professor , University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca
From 04/2012 to 05/2013, Management of Soil, Water and Carbon: Environmental, Economic and Social Benefits ,
From 10/2008 to 12/2012, Monitorization of the impact of agriculture upon global climatic changes, soil, water and carbon management, through conservative systems: minimum tillage and no-tillage, in Transylvanian Plain , Monitoring and conservative tillage systems
From 02/2007 to 12/2011, Alternative crops with adaptative potential for different ecological conditions and complex valorification thereof through biotechnologies , Investigation alternative crops
Agrotechnics, herbology and soil management
Soil conservation systems for a sustainable agriculture, anti-erosion systems, minimum soil tillage, no-tillage, carbon sequestration
Soil sciences – pedologic studies and land evaluation, pedoameliorations and soil erosion control studies
Technique experimentally and analysis of variance (ANOVA)
Rural development and climate changes
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Journal Articles
Rusu, T., P. Moraru, C. Coste, H. Cacovean, F. Chetan, C. Chetan, 2014. Impact of climate change on climatic indicators in Transylvanian Plain, Romania. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment Vol. 12 (1): 469-473
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Rusu Teodor, 2012. Vegetative Development and Production Obtained in some Amaranthus Cultivars under the Transylvanian Conditions, Romania. Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment, Vol. 10, Issue 3&4/2012, pages 742-745
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Rusu, T., P. Gus, I. Bogdan, P. I. Moraru, A. Pop, D. Weindorf, H. Cacoveanu, 2008, Effect of minimum tillafe on the control of Convolvulus arvensis L. Journal of Plant Diseases and Protection, p. 587-590
Conference Papers
Rusu T., Moraru P.I., Bogdan I., Pop A.I., Coste C.L. and Marian R., 2013. Climatic indicators monitoring in the Transylvanian Plain, Romania. Book of abstracts Volume I, The 12TH International Symposium Prospects for The 3RD Millennium Agriculture 26-28 September 2013, UASVM Cluj-Napoca
Rusu T., H. Cacovean, I. Pacurar, M. Dirja, I. Bogdan, 2013. Tillage Effects on Soil Properties and Production on Wheat, Maize and Soybean Crop. 1st Central Asia Congress on Modern Agricultural Techniques and Plant Nutrition, 01-03 October 2013.
Rusu Teodor, Paula I. Moraru, Ileana Bogdan, Adrian I. Pop And Horea Cacovean, 2013. Impacts of Climate Change on Agricultural Technology Management in the Transylvanian Plain, Romania. Geophysical Research Abstracts, Vol. 15, EGU2013-5770, EGU
Rusu T, Moraru P I, Sopterean M L, Pop A I, Bogdan I, 2012, Soil moisture and temperature monitoring for sustainable land and water management in Transylvanian Plain, Romania. International Conference of Agricultural Engineering CIGR-AgEng2012
Rusu, T., P Gus, P I Moraru, I Bogdan, A I Pop, L I Pop, M L Sopterean, 2011. Effect of soil tillage system upon the soil properties, weed control and yield in wheat, maize and soya-bean. Soil Minimum Tillage Systems – 6th International Symposium
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