Personal Information
Imandi Manga Raju

Department of Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India

Imandi Manga Raju
From 07/2016 to Present, Ph.D , India
From 06/2012 to 04/2014, M.Sc (Environmental Chemistry) , India
From 06/2008 to 03/2011, B.Sc , India
Work Experiences
From 07/2016 to Present, Research Scholar , Andhra University
From 11/2015 to 08/2018, Project Fellow , Andhra University
From 07/2017 to 04/2018, Guest Faculty , Andhra University
From 11/2015 to 08/2018, Polythenoic acid/TiO2-Cu nanohybrids , To Synthesis and Characterization of Polythenoic acid/TiO2-Cu nanohybrids for efficient photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants from waste water
TiO2 based Nanomaterials
Antimicrobial activity
Journal Articles
K.V. Divya Lakshmi, T. Siva Rao, J. SwathiPadmaja, I. Manga Raju, S.K. Abdul Alim, P. Kalyani. Visible light drivenmesoporousMn and S co-doped TiO2 nano material: Characterization and applications in photocatalytic degradation of indigocarmine dye and antibacterial activity, Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management, 2018, 10, 494-504. (Elsevier)
J. SwathiPadmaja, T. Siva Rao, K.V. Divya Lakshmi, I. Manga Raju. Fabrication of hetero-structure mesoporours TiO2-SrTiO3nanocomposite in presence of Gemini surfactant: Characterization and application in catalytic degradation of Acid Orange, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 2018, 6, 6457-6467. (Elsevier)
M. Ravi Chandra, T. Siva Rao, Hyun-Suk Kim, S.V.N. Pammi, N. Prabhakarrao, I. Manga Raju, Hybrid copper doped titania/polythiophenenanorods as efficient visible light-driven photocatalyst for degradation of organic pollutants, Journal of Asian Ceramic Societies, 2017, 5, 436-443. (Elsevier)
Shaik Abdul Alim, T. Siva Rao, I. Manga Raju, M. Ravi Kumar, K.V. Divya Lakshmi. Fabrication of visible light driven nano structured Copper, Boron codoped TiO2 for photocatalytic removal of Lissamine Green B, Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, 2019, 23, 92-103. (Elsevier)
K.V. Divya Lakshmi, T. Siva Rao, J. SwathiPadmaja, I. Manga Raju, M. Ravi Kumar, Structure, Photocatalytic and Antibacterial activity study of Mesoporous Ni and S co-doped TiO2 nano material under visible light irradiation, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2018, (In Press, Accepted manuscript) (Elsevier)
K Ravi, B Sathish Mohan, G SatyaSree, I Manga Raju, K Basavaiah, B VenkateswaraRao. ZnO/RGO nanocomposite via hydrothermal route for photocatalytic degradation of dyes in presence of visible light, International Journal of Chemical Studies, 2018, 6(6), 20-26.
M. Ravi Kumar, T. Siva Rao, I. Manga Raju, Shaik Abdul Alim, K.V. Divya Lakshmi. Synergistic Effects of Phosphorus and Cobalt Binary Doping on Visible Light Activity of TiO2 by Sol-Gel Method and Evaluation of Photocatalytic Efficiency, Journal of Nanoscience and Technology, 2018, 4 (3), 390-394.
Mulupuri Ravi Kumar, Tirukkovalluri Siva Rao, Imandi Manga Raju, Shaik Abdul Alim, K.V. Divya Lakshmi. Effects of phosphorous and cobalt co-doped anatasetitania on the degradation of Ornage II and antibacterial activity of Staphylococcus aereus and Salmonella typhi in visible light, International Journal of Currrent Advanced Research, 2018, 7 (5), 13015-13024.
Prabhakarrao N, Siva RaoTirukkovalluri, Manga RajuImandi, Divya G. Facile synthesis of visible light driven heterostructuredNb doped TiO2/reduced GrapheneOxide(rGO) nanocomposites for photocatalytic degradation of Rhodamine B dye, International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 2018. (Springer) (Under Review)
I. Manga Raju, B. Sathish Mohan,D. Varaprasad. Sonochemical route for the synthesis of Cobalt doped Titania: A synergetic nanomaterial for removal of Methylene blue dye in presence of visible light, Emergent materials, 2018. (To be communicate).
Imandi Manga Raju, Tirukkovalluri Siva Rao, K. V. Divya Lakshmi, J. SwathiPadmaja. Poly 3-Thenoic acid sensitized, Copper mediated charge separation in anatase/brookite TiO2nanohybrids for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of an organophosphorus pesticide, 2018. (To be communicate)
T. Sushmitha, Imandi Manga Raju, Tirukkovalluri Siva Rao. Herterogeneous visible light photocatalytic degradation of malathion in contaminated water by Nitrogen and manganese co-doped nano titania, 2018. (To be communicate)
M. Ravi Kumar, T. Siva Rao, I. Manga Raju, S. Abdul Alim, K. V. Divya Lakshmi. Zinc and Boron codoped nanotitania with enhanced photocatalytic degradation of Acid Red under visible light irradiation, Sustainable Environment Research, 2019. (Elsevier) (Under Review)
Honors and Awards
Received “Outstanding contribution in reviewing” award from Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, Elsevier.
Recognized as peer reviewer by 1) Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier)- 05 Articles, 2) Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering (Elsevier)- 17 Articles, 3) Chemical Papers (Springer)- 02 Articles
Certified as peer reviewer by Publons Academy (Part of Clarivate Analytics).
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