Personal Information
Seung Park

Department of Electronics and ICT, Daejeon University, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon Metrocity, South Korea

Seung Park
From 03/1997 to 10/2017, Professor , South Korea
From 07/2009 to 10/2009, NGN Policy Consultant , Philippines
From 10/2012 to 12/2012, Professor of Linux,Unix,Windows OS,Clustering of computers , Gabong
From 01/2013 to 06/2013, Professor of MPU,MCU,DSP,GPU,OS,TCP/IP,IT-ethics,Security of Information,Protection of Data , Rwanda
From 07/2016 to 09/2016, Professor of BigData, Ubiquitous Life Ethics, Smart TV and Media in Digital Age , South Korea, USA, Vietnam
From 03/1999 to 02/2008, Doctorate , South Korea
Work Experiences
From 02/1989 to 12/2000, Researcher, Developer, Tester, Certificator, Comsultant of Satellite System and Ground Station and Smart Antenna System , ETRI, KCA, RRA, CRMO
From 10/1997 to 10/2017, Consultant and Professor of Information, Telecommunication, LED/OLED Lightings, Green Energy Systems and Semiconductors , SMBA, SBC, SEMAS, MSIT, KIPO, MOCIE
From 06/2004 to 10/2017, Prime Consultant of Standardization on Semiconductor, RFID/USN/M2M/IoT/WoT and BigData , KSA, TTA, KSIA, KLED, goKEA, RAPA, Techno Park, Daeduk Innopolice, etc.
From 05/2003 to 10/2017, Poet, Novelist, Analyst, SingerSongWriter, Photographer, Digital Artist and Writer , Jinhan Book Publisher, POSEN, POSENS, KITELA
From 09/2004 to 10/2017, Professor and Mentor of ICT-ethics, Economy, Finace, Creative Talent, Science and Technology , KAIST, KIPA, KISA, NIA, KCCI, KOFAC, FKII, CreativeKorea, SEMAS, SBC
From 07/2017 to 06/2018, HAII Platform , Scientific IT-Ethics Technology with Literature and Art of Global Culture from South Korea 5G BIT(Broadcasting+Information+Telecommunication) infrastructures
Computer Science and Human+Artificial+IoT Intelligence
Telecommunication and RFID/USN/M2M/IoT/WoT/IoE
ICT-ethics and Information Security
Digital Art and Literature
Social Resposibility and Mentoring on Education, Management and Occupation
'UBITOPIA', Electronics News Paper, ISBN: 89-85412-72-8-033, Seung Chang Park
'BINT MIND', JinHan Book, ISBN: 97-88984-32-2-011, Seung Chnag Park
'Ubiquous Life Ethics, JinHan Book, ISBN: 97-88984-32-3-957, Seung Chang Park
'Understanding IoT Intelligence', JinHan Book, ISBN: 97-88984-32-6-637, Seung Chang Park
My 7th poetry 'Harmony of IoT relationship', JinHan Book, ISBN: 97-91170-09-9-888, Seung Chang Park
Journal Articles
'IoT Relationship between Korea and the Philippines', ICGHIT, ISSN: 2383-8302, Vol.4, No.1, 2016, page:s4-26, Seung Chang Park
'LTE Technology Trend', Sisa Journal, 1228-405x, 10JUL, 2014.
'IoT Semiconductor Standardization', No.169, TTA Journal, 21AUG, 2015.
'Start-up foundation in Smart City', It's Daejeon, 4NOV, 2013.
'Cooperation Platform of HI+AI+IoT Intelligence', ASTI Journal, DEC~NOV, 2017.
Conference Papers
'IoT Relationship between Korea and the Philippines', ICGHIT, 24~26Feb, 2016, Clark of Philippines
Honors and Awards
Honor Award, the 5th K-ICT Creative Scenario Contest, ETRI&IITP ,South Korea, 23SEP, 2015.
Best Honor Award, I love Venture Poem Contest, KOVA, South Korea, 5NOV, 2003.
Honor Award, the 4th Literature Contest, KFAA, South Korea, 25MAY, 2013.
Best Honor Award, Society Welfare Contest, Korea Assembly, South Korea, 28DEC, 2013.
Best Professor Award, the IPR education Contest, KIPA, Soth Korea, 25MAY, 2014.
Invited Talks
Seung Chang Park, 'Future of Software', Korea Microsoft DevDay, 16OCT, 2006, Seoul, South Korea.
Seung Chang Park, Smart TV and Media in Digital Age', Kantar Media Conference, 13SEP, 2016, HoChiMin, Vietnam
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