Personal Information
Saeed Hemeda

Department of Mathematical Statistics, Obour High Institute for Management and Bioinformatic, Cairo, Giza, Egypt

Saeed Hemeda
Journal Articles
Abd-Elfattah, A. M., Elsherpieny, E. A., and Hemeda, S. E., (2013). Parameters Estimation of Bur Type III Distribution in the Presence of Outliers. The Annual Conference On Statistics, Computer Sciences And Operations Research, Institute Of Statistical Studies & Research, Cairo University, 46, 10-2.
Hassan, A. S., Elbatal, I. and Hemeda, S. E. (2016). Weibull Quasi Lindley Distribution and its Statistical Properties with Applications to Lifetime Data. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 55(3), 63-80.
Hassan, A. S., and Hemeda, S. E. (2016). A New Family of Additive Weibull Generated Distributions. International Journal of Mathematics and its Applications, 4(2), 151–164.
Hassan, A. S., Hemeda, S. E., Maiti, S., and Pramanik, S., (2017). The Generalized Additive Weibull-G Family of Distributions. International Journal of Statistics and Probability, 6(5), 65-83.
Hemeda, S. E., Maiti, S. and Pramanik, S., (2017). A New Gumbel additive Weibull Distribution with Applications. Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics (accepted).
Hemeda, S. E., and Ali, M. Abdallah (2018). Non-Bayesian and Bayesian Estimation of Parameters for Bur Type III Distribution in Presence of outliers. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences (accepted).
Hemeda, S. E., Maiti, S. and Pramanik, S., (2018). The Generalized Inverse Weibull-G Family of Distributions. Communications (under published).
Hemeda, S. E., and Ali, M. Abdallah (2018). Beta Inverse Lindley Distribution; Properties and Application. Far East Journal (under published).
Hemeda, S. E. (2018). Additive Weibull Log Logistic distribution; Theory and Application. (under published).
Hemeda, S. E. and Mouhamed, M. Abd-Elsattar (2018). New Log Half Cauchy Distribution; (under published). (under published).
Honors and Awards
The international publication prize from Cairo University, Egypt
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