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Personal Information
Nandini R

Department of Chemistry, Mangalore Institute Of Technolgy&Engineering, Moodbidri, Karnataka, India

Nandini R
From 28.8.14 to 28.8.19, Doctrate , India
Work Experiences
From 01.6.2004 to 31.8.2014, Associate Professor& head,Depot.of chemistry,MIte,Moodbidri. , VTU,MITE,Moodbidri
Dyes and polyelectrolytes
Journal Articles
1. Nandini R. and B.Vishalakshi 'A spectrophotometric study of interaction between methyl orange and three different polycations' e-journal of Chemistry 9,2012,1
. Nandini R. and B.Vishalakshi 'A spectrophotometric study of interaction between sodium carrageenate and cationic dyes' e- journal of Chemistry,8S1(2011)S253-S265.
3. Nandini R.and B.Vishalakshi 'A comparative study of polyelectrolyte induced metachromasy' J.Polym.Eng 31(2011) 191.
Nandini R.and B Vishalakshi. 'A study of interactions of cationic dyes with anionic polyelectrolytes' Spectrochimica Acta Part A 75, (2010), 14.
Nandini R.and B. Vishalakshi 'A Comparative study of polyelectrolyte-dye interactions' Spectrochimica Acta Part A 74, (2009), 1025.
6Nandini . R.and B.Vishalakshi, 'Polyelectrolyte dye interactions: Study of interaction between Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose and Acridine Orange' J. Indian Chem.Soc. 87, (2010), 447.
Nandini. R. and B.Vishalakshi 'A spectroscopic study of interaction of cationic dyes with Heparin' Orbital, 1, (2009), 255.
. Nandini R. and B.Vishalakshi 'A Comparative study of polymer-dye interactions' Orbital, 1, (2009), 215.
Conference Papers
“Study of interaction between Acridine Orange and Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose”, National Conference on Current Trends in Chemical Research held at Mangalore University during May13-14,2006.
“Study of interaction between anionic polyelectrolyte and cationic dye”, National Conference on Emerging areas in chemical and Biological sciences held at Kuvempu University during March 23-24,2007.
] “A Comparative study of polymer-dye interactions” at the International Conference on Frontiers in Chemical Research held at Mangalore University during Dec.29-31,2008.
Polyelectrolyte-Dye Interactions “Study of interaction between Sodium carrageenate and Acridine Orange ” at International conference on Recent Advances in Industrial Electrochemical Science and Technology held at Mangalore University during Nov. 5-7, 2009.
“A Comparative study of polyelectrolyte induced metachromasy”, at the National seminaron nanostructure materials, held at the school of chemistry, Madurai Kamaraj university, during 3-5th March 2011.
A study of metachromasy induced in cyanine dye” held at the National conference on emerging trends in chemical research: at St.Alyosius college,Mangalore Feb. 16-19, 2013.
1.A two-day national level workshop on “Advanced Materials Research for device application” on 25&26th July 2013 at NMAMIT,Nitte.
A two day workshop on nano-science and Technology , on 18&19 th Oct.2013 at MITE,Moodbidri.
A two day National level symposium on “Recent advances in chemical sciences on 7&8 th March 2014Organised by P.G department of chemistry, Alvas,Moodbidri
INUP hands on training workshop on Nano-fabrication techniques held at IIT-Bombay ,Mumbai,during July21-25th 2014.
Invited Talks
Deliverd an invite Lecture on the topic “A study of effect of dye structure on polyelectrolyte induced metachromasy ” held at the international conference on polymer processing and characterization at Kottayam, Kerala during Jan. 15-17, 2010.
Delivered an invited lecture on the topic “A Comparative study of metachromasy induced by Toluidine Blue” held at theThird international Multicomponent Polymer Conference,at Kottayam, Kerala during March. 23-25, 2012.
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