Personal Information
Qigui Cheng

Depatment of Oilfield Development, Changqing Oilfield, PetroChina, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

Qigui Cheng
From 09/1980 to 06/1984, Bachelor , CHIAN
From 09/1992 to 06/1995, master , CHINA
From 09/2003 to 06/2006, Doctorate , CHIAN
Work Experiences
From 12/1998 to 08/2005, Chief geologist of third company , CHANGQING oilfield,petrochina,China
From 09/2005 to 10/2011, Dean of exploration and development research institute , CHANGQING oilfield,petrochina,China
From 11/2011 to 05/2017, Director of oilfield development department , CHANGQING oilfield,petrochina,China
From 06/2017 to 07/2018, Chief expert , CHANGQING oilfield,petrochina,China
From 03/2006 to 12/2016, exploration and development of ultra-low permeability reservoir oil and gas fields and major theoretical and technological innovations in changgqing oilfield , Won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award
From 06/2016 to 06/2020, Demonstration project of CO2 capture, oil displacement and storage technology , Co2 is buried 250,000 tons, increasing the recovery rate by 15 %
From 01/2014 to 12/2019, Enhanced oil recovery by air foam flooding in low permeability reservoirs , Forming an oil field gas drive scale of 100,000 tons. 10 % enhanced oil recovery in low permeability reservoirs.
low permeability oil field development
enhanced oil recovery
reservoir description
reservoir productivity prediction
Fine description and development evaluation technology of low permeability sandstone reservoir,Petroleum Industry Press,ISBN:978-7-5021-7518-4,author:Qigui Cheng,Gongyan Chen
Evaluation and development technology of large low permeability lithologic reservoir,Petroleum Industry Press,ISBN:978-7-5183-0454-7,author:Qigui Cheng
Typical example of low permeability reservoir development,Petroleum Industry Press,ISBN:978-7-5183-0389-2,author:Qigui Cheng
Practice of fine reservoir management in Changqing oilfield,Petroleum Industry Press,ISBN:978-7-5183-0504-9,authors:Zhongxin Li,Qigui Cheng
Journal Articles
Research and Application of CO2 Flooding Enhanced Oil Recovery in Low Permeability Oilfield,Open Journal of Geology,Scientific Research Publishing,ISSN2161-7570,Vol.7No.9,2017,Http://,Author:QiguiCheng ect.
Research on Horizontal Well Pattern of Ultra-low Permeability Sandstone Reservoirs, Acta Petrolei Sinica, China Petroleum Institute, ISSN 0253 - 2697.vol.29, No.1, 2008,Page No..89-93,Author:XinQuan Ruan QiGui Cheng ect.
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The Classification and Significance of Diagenetic - Reservoir Facies Based on Quantitative Characterization of Diagenesis , Petroleum and Natural Gas,Yangtze University, ISSN 1000 - 9752, vol.32, No.5, 2010, Page No.60-66, Author:Qigui Cheng ect.
Conference Papers
Field test and CCS EOR prospect of CO2 flooding in Ordos Basin, 25 April 2018,Shanghai,China,Global CCS Institute
CO2 Flooding Field-test in Ordos Basin and CCS-EOR Development Prospect,April 19,2018,Bejing,China,US-China Storage Carbon Capture,Utilization and Storage(CCUS)conference
Invited Talks
Cheng Qigui,Field test and CCS EOR prospect of CO2 flooding in Ordos Basin,china;APAC CCS Forum;9 May 2018 Shanghai Pudong Sheraton Hotel,China
Cheng Qigui,CO2 Flooding in Changqing OilfieldAdvances in EOR Technology and Its Application Prospects;US-China Carbon Capture,Utilization and Storage Conference;4 April 2018 Beijing,China
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